Chandlers Ford in lockdown

For the past couple of weeks the busy main road outside of the flats has been quiet and it’s been lovely. However I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that the traffic is increasing a lot. I find that disappointing, although I want the shops to open again to help those struggling with buying food,paying the rent and other necessary purchases.

For the first time I’m thankful that my pension continues to be paid into my bank. I’m one of the lucky ones.

Chandlers Ford has a new group called Chandlers Ford Help, and as the name implies they offer help. I have called upon them a couple of times and they have been great, and the group is expanding week on week.

It would seem that I shall be moving to Devon. I’m not sure if I want to, but I think I shall move. Quieter roads, calmer way of living,  and being near the family. Always a good thing as you get older.

It’s so cold today. Such a shock to the system after the lovely weather we’ve had.

We are at least managing to get food delivered regularly which is a godsend.

Trudy scratching much of the time. She’s been put on Apoquel which is something I don’t agree with, but the vets seem to be reluctant to admit her to give an injection of Cytopoint which doesn’t have any nasty side effects.

She doesn’t seem to be herself and the dog walkers even noticed she was not up to par. Can see I’ll be ringing the vet on Monday.

I can’t remember what day it is. Are you the same?



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Trudy (the dog’s) birthday

There doesn’t seem to be much to say really. Stay in.Keep everyone safe but it is quite hard.

Today is a special day for our Trudy. Nine years old.I had her when she was six. The breeder said she’s not fussed about food, and she’s never ill. Wrong on both counts. She loves her food, and I seem to be at the vets regularly but she is a lovely girl.

Spent much of the early hours with Mary waiting for the paramedics. She had fallen getting out of the bed, but fortunately she seems to bounce like a ball. Next day felt stift which is not surprising.

I have received lots of gifts placed outside my door. From bird food, to bread and food for myself.

Today I have to attend Winchester Hospital to have my pacemaker checked. For the last few days I have been suffering from dizziness, breathlessness and a general feeling of “being not quite right”.I’m a little concerned but there is no choice in my opinion.

Beautiful day and for the first time an azalea that I have had for years is finally blooming. A lovely sight at this bleak time.

My family and friends are all well which I thank God for.



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I was very pleased with the large box that was delivered to me this week. Inside were five balloons. I have never had helium balloons before, and they are now in my lounge where I can see them each day.

At the bottom of the ribbon was a small pack of jelly beans. I normally don’t eat jelly beans, but at that moment wanted to eat the whole lot, which I did. I munched my way through them and suddenly felt something hard. I thought some foreign body had slipped through quality control, but it was a piece of my tooth. I had only that very morning spoken to a friend who had toothache. I was very pleased I had no such problem, but then I did.

I rang the dentist and spoke to the receptionist, who was going to ask the dentist on call, to give me a call back, which he did. As I had no nerves left in that tooth it was not going to hurt. I was so relieved. I’ll just have to wait until some normalacy returns to our battered country.

Such a besutiful day so I’m hoping to sit in the garden for a while but to be honest its not so relaxing. Trudy, as she is on steroids, wants to eat pretty much everything, including stones and twigs. By the time I’ve wrestled them from her, I decide that enough is enough and I come inside,

There is more traffic passing by the flats this morning. I wonder where they are all going.

Enjoy your day at home.

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80th birthday

Yesterday was the big 80 and a disappointing day all around really.

I did have a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a bunch of tulips from my special dog walkers, not forgetting my hand made carrot cake delivered over the fence by my daughter. I did have a couple of slices.

Karen came and picked up my shopping list and she’s delivering it to me today.  Another of my wonderful dog walkers. In all honesty don’t know what I would do without them. I’m so lucky.

Still getting calls from long lost friends who are doing what I’ve been doing ringing round. Spoke to my friend from Poland. She lived with me for a few years during which time most of her family relocated to U.K.

We had some wonderful times and wonderful parties.

They are all well. Stay in and stay safe.

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Weird time

Have you noticed anything odd since your lock down besides those willing to break the rules.

I heard from a friend that her next door neighbour was on her knees brushing her fake grass to within an inch of its life. A bit sad when there is much more to keep our attention.  It could be that it’s her therapy and the result is amazing so I’m told. There’s my friend struggling to keep her garden looking good with a seven stone dog running amok.

I have received much kindness over the past week. Unexpectedly I received two meals delivered to me. They were very tasty and very good.I also had a loaf of bread delivered because I happened to say I was nearly out, and was seriously considering making my own.

I was walking Trudy in front of the flat when I heard my name called. It was my neighbour right at the end of our block. She is friendly and we say hello when our paths cross but she was the first to instigate a chat. It was suggested we each take a chair and a cuppa to the front  lwwn and have a chat.  Social distancing adhered to.

Yet more phone calls for a chat from those friends I haven’t seen in ages. One of those had a letter to say she was at Extreme Risk and she was not allowed to leave her house or garden until the end of June. I asked if she was upset by the letter but the person who has fought her cancer for years said “not particularly”. I’m sure if that were me I would be terrified. Seeing it in black and white it makes it more difficult to put it out of your mind.

Stay safe and continue with the social distancing.


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Am I dying

Over the past few days I have been receiving calls from long lost friends. I’m pretty sure they are checking up that I’m still here. It reminds me how we let friends slip away from us, and that is such a shame. I do try and keep up the contact with a few but not nearly enough. Perhaps I should look at my old address book. Do you remember those?

In my time have had many people pass through my life. Americans, Swiss, South African. Super people all of them.  I used to belong to a group called Plan International. They invited young people to come and join host families to see what makes us tick.

Lovely young people. Miss them.

Pick up that phone and start chatting.


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