Let sleeping dogs lie

I couldnt resist taking this picture of my Trudy. This was following her long walk with Derek and Anne. The bed was donated and I bought a cheap single duvet to go into the bed. As you can see its rather on the large size but she seems happy enough.

I have been feeling unwell. Had a period of days when i felt so breathless. I really wanted to get out yesterday but not sure how I managed it. To not be able to breath is a very frightening thing, which in turn hardly helps the situation. When I returned home just took things easy.

I have decided that I will try and get an appointment with the Consultant as soon as possible to try and sort things out. Perhaps the pacemaker isn’t working according to plan, or maybe its the medication. Either way its something that needs sorting out.

Today I feel like my old self for which I’m very grateful, although I’m feeling tired. Didn’t sleep much, but the animals snored their way through the night. Reassuring to hear someone else breathing.

Later I’m going to make lunch. Nothing difficult, and if necessary can be cooked by my daughter. She is having a new kitchen fitted, and we know what that means

Enjoy your day, keep safe.

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The last week or so has passed in a blur. The weather has not been kind to me or indeed many others I would imagine, so I’ve felt like doing little or nothing.

However now it’s cooler I’ve come round to tackling the housework more. When the days were so hot I just about made the bed, cleaned the bathrooms (I know we have two and a separate toilet) heaven knows why in a two bedroomed flat. Cooking was out of the window. Pretty much lived on cold meats, fish and salads.

In my younger days cleaning was not a chore. I could do the house, take the dog out and still carry on. Now I have to do a bit, and then sit down.  It is so tiresome.

When I first retired I did go out cleaning along with several others. We had such a good time, and we got paid as well.

It’s amazing what a house shows us when you’re out cleaning. Folic acid appearing on the bedside table (pregnant perhaps) and other things too intimate to disclose.

We worked mostly in the Surrey hills. Such beautiful houses, and the drive to get there was always a joy,  except of course if there was snow or floods. In that case we stayed at home.

I used to look forward to getting home, and my treat was to watch the film on Channel 5 in the afternoons. Bliss

Unfortunately age made it more difficult for me and cleaning became a thing of the past.  I do have very happy memories of this time.

I had a friend request from an old friend.  Dithered about but decided not to go there. There was obviously a motive for his request, as the last news I had of him was that he had got married. He was never happy with what he had which is a shame, because no-one is perfect are they?

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Telephone call and dog sitting

I try and keep in touch with my neighbour. I can already hear you say “just knock on the door” but she reacts better to a call. She has the opportunity to pretend she’s going out, or is busy making a coffee or something else that might spring to mind.

However on  Friday she picked up the phone. It was obvious that things were not going to plan. She was visiting her great grand children as they were appearing in Grease at a local theatre. She was going to stay overnight. She had showered and her hair was in rollers. Good start.

I asked if she had packed. No. Suggested we got round to doing it. Out came her bag,but first we had to empty out lots of coat) hangers which  she had put in the bag to get rid of them. She is a horder.

Packed skirt, blouse, clean knickers the usual stuff, and I made her a cup of tea, and cleared up the kitchen.

Next thing was waiting for the washing machine to empty so I could put the clothes on the airer. I carefully did this, knowing that she would re-arrange everything once I had left.

Bumped into her this morning. She had a great time, the only downside is she fell over, but no damage was sustained so I’m told.

She was off to church as she does every Sunday. The church is her life and her many friends are supporters of the church. A real family. They support and look after each other, especially as they are of a certain age now.

Off out for lunch later.

Hot, hot, hot.

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On line shopping

I was so proud that I actually managed to do my food shopping on line. Okay I ordered two of some things I didn’t really want, but nothing lost as I could freeze them. It certainly saves a lot of time. No wandering up and down the aisles, queuing to pay, load the car  return the trolley and then drive home. Park by the front door empty the car,  move the car to the parking space, and then come back. Push open two doors and then the final achievement unlock my own door, heft the bags in and then empty everything,  so you see having someone bypass much of that aggro was a real bonus.

Off to babysit Luna this morning.  The kitchen was being plastered and I had to keep her and Trudy in the lounge with the door open to the garden. Very pleasant, cool and relaxing.

My payment a choc ice. The next thing I was asked was if I was going to attend Weight Watchers. Something not right there.

Problem with sleeping last night. My heart was fluttering away which was off putting. Not painful just annoying.

Not sure I’m looking forward to the weekend as the forecast is  hot.

Daughter and son in law are off to Bristol. Both my grandaughter and fiance work for the MOD who are holding an open day by invitation only.


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La Parisienne Romsey

On Sunday it was my grandsons twenty-fifth birthday. Not at all sure where those years have gone. All the excitement following his arrival and then the ups and downs of growing up. Many mornings I was out in the car helping him deliver his newspapers around Chandlers Ford, as indeed were his parents.

He now is independent. Living in a flat and donning a suit and going off to work , but to me he is very young. Not quite grown up yet.

My grandaughter on  the other hand has always been grown up. Knowing what she wants and working towards that goal. Girls I feel do grow up much earlier than the boys.

However it was decided we would go to Romsey for lunch to celebrate his day. It was pouring with rain but the car park was pretty much right outside the door.

Good selection for starters, main course and dessert. I opted for no starters but a lobster for the main course. Lobster is one of my most favourite foods in the world.  I only had a half, but I could easily have eaten a whole one,

No dessert as we had cake and goodies awaiting our return.

The staff were solicitous and the food good. A nice change for me to go out. We don’t go out as a family much at all, which is a pity. Time passes so quickly and before we know it there is another empty place setting at the table. My family is small and I’ve always wished to be part of a large supporting family, but that is something that’s not going to happen now.

Weather getting hotter again, so I shall be hiding indoors behind closed doors and drawn curtains.

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Patter of rain on windows

What a welcome sound. I found yesterday was even hotter, although by all accounts it was a degree or so cooler than the previous day.

Trudy out with her favourite person this morning,  and I took the opportunity to run a few errands.

As you know if you’ve been following the blog I haven’t ventured far in this hot weather and this morning my legs certainly felt sluggish. What do they say “use it or lose it”. Feel that my legs are losing it.

First stop was the church for a mooch round their stand selling books. All money collected is sent to Africa for a school I believe. Next stop the local computer repair shop. My daughter had dropped it  in for me because we couldn’t access the Internet.  A couple of days later and a cost of £25 she picked it up, only to find that it still wasn’t working hence my trip this morning. Very rude man. I explained the problem and he said “you don’t know much about this do you”. I admitted I didn’t. Did feel angry to be spoken to like that, but I held my tongue.

Off to Tesco for a box of cherries. As usual friendly and helpful.

Off out for coffee and then home. Nice change to be out and about.

Popped into Marys to check she was okay. She was busy looking for her kleenex when she suddenly remembered she had tucked it into her knickers.

Who remembers doing that when you went to school all those years ago.

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