My memories

I consider myself lucky to be living in a warm flat. Just cracked the night storage heater system.The last few years have been very chilly.

My mum and dad lived in a flat in Swaythling. A nice flat with good sized rooms, but just before central heating arrived. That meant a coal fire and dimplex oil filled radiators.

The fire was lovely but if you moved away from the fire it was very chilly.

In the winter dad had his orders. Make tea and then make up the fire in readiness for mum. She would have a bath and then beat a retreat to the fire where she gently steamed herself dry, and then the palaver of getting herself into her playtex girdle. By the end of the day the playtex was whipped off and hidden behind a cushion,  in case someone called.

I miss those days. Everything is frantic these days not much time for anyone or anything. It’s amazing but most of us have some form of central heating,  but a lot don’t use it, mostly due to the cost.

This past week has posed a challenge for my dog walkers as Trudy is in heat. I never know because she is so clean. They are forced to travel to quieter spots. I haven’t ventured out with her myself. I’ve only just started walking with one stick. I don’t really want to go arse about tip.

Weather is an improvement today. Popped out for a hot chocolate and then returned home.  Even if you go out for a short walk it does break up the day nicely.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?. I have bought a few presents and know what I’m buying for others, so no mad rush. Unfortunately it is difficult for me to go to the shops, so Internet shopping  is my solution but that’s not the same is it?



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Tentative steps

It has been nearly three months since I ventured out, that is if you don’t count the visits to the doctor and chiropractor, both of which leaved a lot to be desired.

The chiropractor was a friendly and charming young man, but not what I expected, in so far as the equipment being used.

I stared at the table and asked ” I hope it goes up”, to which he said no.

First problem I couldn’t possibly get on the table but we worked around it. There wasn’t even a pillow to be seen. To be honest, I felt I was being short changed.

When I visited my former chiropractor,and that was many years ago, he had all the right equipment.

Physio had a long waiting list so I was lucky to find a mobile physio called Katie A very different experience, although it has taken me quite a while to feel better. I had a particularly bad weekend and rang for advise,

She told me that it’s going to take a while, but if no improvement seen she would visit me again. I didn’t fortunately have to take her up on the offer. The reason I think is doing the exercises three times a day. I have noticed an improvement, and following her visit yesterday she was pleased with the progress made.

As I have continued to improve I decided Trudy and I would venture out. Car was not cooperative and had to phone the rescue team. Fortunately just a flat battery,

How nice to see friendly faces and dogs, mushrooms and leaves on the ground,

My patio was washed this week. It was very slippery and I didn’t want to risk falling. All done by a very nice man and friend and it only cost me ten pounds (very small patio). A few tradesmen said it was too small for them to do it. Another said next February. Lucky man to have so much work on.

Whilst walking could hear a gentleman calling what I thought was an Arthur. Finally this spotless dog tore towards us. Oh thats Arthur I said. No it’s Martha.  Don’t think he was impressed.

Had my home delivery from Waitrose. Still not quite got the hang of it, but getting better.  I spent ages sesrching for a bath sponge for me, and or a flannel withut success. I phoned Head Office and they told me that they are not available for on line shopping, I was very surprised.

Have a wonderful weekend.







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I had to go to the hospital on Wednesday to have my pacemaker checked. The pacemaker was fitted about nineteen months ago, and it is their policy to have you return to have the pacemaker checked to ascertain if all is working well. Unfortunately mine was one of thousands I imagine that had a fault. These devices are made in America and they had to come up with some software to correct whatever was wrong with it.

I was lucky the software had arrived a couple of days before my appointment, so all sorted.

For those of you who have a pacemaker it is quite a strange feeling when they slow your heart rate down to obtain the information they need. Doesn’t hurt but odd.

However my blog about tattoo’s. There was a young man who was covered. I’m not a fan but anthing on the small side is fine, but all over not for me.

This prompted the question to the technicians about tattoo’s. They only said lots of ex wife’s and children featured. They were far too polite to say anything else,  I was quite disappointed if I’m honest.

Feeling a bit better thank goodness. When I go to bed say my prayers and ask especially to look after the animals, friends and family and the last ask “is to feel better”.

Selfish I know but we all need some help at times

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Remember me

As time marches on I am faced with the inevitable time when I’m not here. Strange to imagine that the world will continue to turn without me in it.

I would be honoured if anyone remembered me but sadly think that’s unlikely.

I’m in awe of those amazing people who do the most amazing things to improve their community,  or people’s lives. I don’t seem to have that  drive or imagination.

I have bought up a family but even then I didn’t do a good job,  My daughter and her family are great, but I lost touch with my son many years ago. So sad that families suffer in this respect. I often wonder what he’s up to.

I’m hoping that the best is yet to come and I can be of help to someone  in any which way.

I am having physio this afternoon and I hope to be able to move a little easier then.

What a week. Trudy has been well and truly washed. Her fur is getting quite curly.


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How do you react to pain

I’m still struggling to get around and feel generally sorry for myself.

Don’t you love people who say you must keep moving and it will get better. How to explain that you hurt like hell,  and it’s not time to take your painkillers.

Dog bowl and cat bowl how to pick them up?.Step up the grabber. Absolutely brilliant because you drop more things when you can’t pick em up. That’s one of the signs that you have a bad back. It seems that clothes,  dog  bowls, cat bowls have a secret pact with the floor. The floor seems to say “come to me”.

I have looked at my bank balance and decided what the heck. Hang the expense. I’m going for chiropractic and physio. Do you find that you just want to feel well. No pain and hang the expense.

What do they say “you can’t take it with you”.

I feel that I’m getting better. Can move easier now. I do my exercises as I was told. I rarely do what I’m told, but I want to get well.

Wonderful weather we have had recently, so lucky.

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Bad back

For the last few weeks I have been struggling with my back. I have resorted to walking with two sticks. The pain  is barely contained by the CO-CODOMIL four times a day. Cooking is a chore and I’m totally fed up.

Have been to the docs and they seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Bursitis. I’m also having chiropractic treatment.

The last doctor I saw was a duty doctor. She said “what do you  want me to do”. I was a bit stunned. I think she saw an old lady who didn’t quite understand. I did however keep it together.

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday. They visited The Shard for a drink I believe. The views look amazing from the very top.

We had to get the cat to the vet over the bank holiday. The cost was eye watering.  She was being sick everywhere, and as my back was not functioning very well I couldn’t leave it until my vet opened the next day. Injection, bloods taken and we returned home. Quite a mixture of cats and dogs. One family turned up with the dog’s bed and toys, plus one of those travelling water things. The man opened up the contraption, but quickly decided it wasn’t working. He unscrewed the bottle of water and just poured it into the container. So much for progress.

I don’t know what I would have done without my dog walker. She has picked me up plus dog and taken me to all of the appointments. I’m lucky to have someone  like that I know.

Just waiting for her to pick Trudy up and then out into the garden to pick up the poo. That’s a challenge as I have a large step down and then of course back into the flat. I’ve just ordered an outdoor step from Amazon that I hope should make things easier for me.

Wonderful weather.So much nicer than the very hot weather we’ve had but I know there are those of us who love the heat.

I’m sorry about the rambling but really needed to get it off my chest.

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