Magic Amazon echo dot

I was really amazed at what this little device could do. Time my cakes (if I make any). Wake me up and soothe me to sleep. To cut a long story short I bought one. It arrived and I was told to leave it alone, they the grown ups would set it up. Two weeks later it was set up but it did present a problem.  We asked what the weather was in Chandlers Ford and back came her chirpy voice “the weather in Seattle is 40 degrees. We were hooked into the US of A. After a long time it was set up for U.K. I’m delighted with it.

Yesterday was reflexology day and a lovely night’s sleep. I don’t know how massaging my feet and toes makes me sleep but it does.

This morning puppy sitting and then out to lunch,  but without the wine as I’m driving. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had purchased a small bottle of wine with the hope that I could get a good night’s sleep. The first night was great. On the second night I had a small glass which had no effect at all. After that I decided that really I didn’t like the taste of wine at all, so not much drinking, if at all in the future.

I used to enjoy my wine but over time my palate has obviously changed.

Wet day but really refreshing. The air feels clean even if it isn’t.  Enjoy.

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The word is dogs

Finally decided to hoover and clean up. It doesn’t take much for me not to do the housework these days. Don’t we change. When I was young I would consider myself to be house proud, but really it’s such a waste of time. The time would have been better spent going for a walk, go visit the sea, and back in the day when I lived on the Isle of Wight, it was almost completely carless, so no problem getting to the various beaches. My favourite used to be Bembridge where we used to go cockling much to the annoyance of others. I would have a dog or two with me and as we walked through the sea the cockles would close up and be lost to sight. They were good times.

Called in to collect the goats meat and have another cuddle with the pups. Growing very quickly now. I have promised to take some old towels next time we visit, to help with the rapidly growing pups. As I work in a charity shop there are usually lots to hand.

I have been offered a six year old rescue setter and I think I will offer her a home. I don’t think lou would mind, and it would give me a reason to get out walking again. It’s so easy to stay in bed and not bother. We all need a reason to get up in the mornings don’t we?.What do my readers think?

Some I guess will think I’ve lost my marbles, others might understand how I’m feeling. Lou was such a good girl, and best friend.

My grandaughter phoned and told me the exciting news that she had just got engaged. It seems likely that the wedding will be a couple of years away. Not long.

Yet another lovely thing to remind me that I’m getting old, or indeed that I am old.

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W.A.A.F. Pullover and a basket of puppies

20170623_11543220170623_115511Yesterday I had arranged to pick up a friend and attend a craft class. As we drove into the car park I saw it was nearly empty,  unusual I thought. What day was it I wondered, and realised that it was Friday and no craft sessions or anything else for that matter is available at the Wessex Cancer premises. This past week has been challenging and I was certain I had early onset dementia, but I think it’s just the stress of the last few weeks losing Lou. I still find sleep very elusive.

I took my friend home and decided to pop into the charity shop for a cup of tea and a chat, when I saw in a magazine rack a book containing lots of old knitting patterns, and this W.A.A.F. pullover pattern was amongst the patterns. A real piece of social history. I think I shall have to buy the book with the patterns, otherwise it will be lost for all time. Did you notice the price, well before decimalisation?

Went for a trip to get Luna the puppy dog her goats milk, but all the goats were bred for their meat and so no milk. I know it can be bought from the supermarket but it’s so much nicer to have a trip out in the car and visit a farm. I did buy some fresh eggs however, and I’ve ordered some meat to make a curry. I believe it’s very good.

The bestest part (I know it’s not a real word) was a pen with tiny tiny puppies only a week old. Glorious squirming bundles. Mum doing well, as are her babies.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Lou home

Following my puppy sitting stint (I was totally wiped out),  I decided to collect lou. As the time drew nearer to my going home,I felt as if I was back at work,  counting down the minutes. I seemed to spend most of the day willing the time to go, and then I chastised myself because I’m wishing my time away. She was quite a good girl, but those teeth are so sharp.  The weather has been over the top, and another scorcher on the cards today I believe.

When I eventually left, decided to pick lou up. She was quite heavy. I shouldn’t have been surprised as she was a big dog. The receptionist and I were both very upset. She herself had just lost her dog. Fortunately there were no patients sitting waiting. We made a great pair. Lou was in a box with a picture of trees and bluebells on the outside. I have put her by the side of the bed where she would often sleep.

On the drive home, up flashed a red light. Called the A.A but nothing serious. I was way ahead deciding what I could do without a car. It gives me independence and I feel frantic when it is challenged.

I’m puppy sitting for a few hours this morning so I’m prepared both mentally and physically. Bucket and mop to hand.

Cat prepared too. She will be put in another room out of harms way with her food and water. Exhausting thinking of everything.


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Phone call

I had just arrived at my daughter’s for a day of puppy sitting when my mobile rang. I was initially confused because the screen said “vet”. I answered and was told that “lovely Lou’s ashes were back home”. Since that conversation I have sat with tears rolling down my cheeks. I thought that I was coping rather better than I obviously am.

I will go and pick her up later today, as I don’t want to go to the time and trouble to get Luna into the car because it is so hot. In my first blog I called her Nula but in fact her name is Luna. I still like Nula but mustn’t confuse her.

You will however be pleased to know that I haven’t lost my ability to mop floors, as Luna came straight in from the garden and weed on the floor. Why do they do that I wonder?

I just felt I had to put pen to paper as they say, but of course it’s words on a tablet in my case. It does help though.



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I see the sea the sea sees me

image1On Friday I actually got to see the sea for the first time in a very long time. I so love to  be by the sea. Nice sunny day but a bit windy so a light cardigan was in order. Certainly nothing like the last few days when to say it is hot is an understatement.

Pebbly beach which is not good for anyone with a stick, but was manageable and I was determined to gaze at the sea. Very calm, although I enjoy being by the sea in most weather’s. Cold and blowey, invigorating, wonderful.


Bognor Regis was not as I remembered it, but that’s hardly surprising considering it was such a long time ago since my last visit. It was clean and tidy and to my mind represented the good old British seaside. We went into a shop selling rock,drinks, buckets and spades etc. The lady who owned the shop told me she had only been there for a few months.





Went for a walk and we came across Gypsy Rose Lee but her real name is Vine. She has a small pagoda where she does palmistry, and crystals. Vine looked a true romany and she says her gift has been handed down the family. There is on display a picture showing three generations of her family. She herself has been in her pagoda for over thirty years. She works every day of the week.

Had to have an ice cream don’t you know, and  then returned home. A thoroughly enjoyable day.

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