And so it continues

The heat. I was delighted when yesterday the weather forecast was possible thunderstorms and heavy rain.

We did in fact have a small amount of rain which did seem to make the air more breathable but not enough.

I finally decided I would buy a fan from Amazon and it arrived. Unfortunately it fitted in the palm of my hand, and wasn’t quite what I wanted. That’s because I tried to do the ordering late at night. Now comes the irksome job of returning it.

Trudy and I were out very early yesterday morning and it was really enjoyable. Cool and very few walkers out and about at that time, half past six, although I see quite a few dog walkers out at five thirty for their early walk. That’s the usual time I’m out in the front garden with Trudy. In all honesty it’s awful early. It puts my internal clock out. Breakfast very early,  lunch early,  and afternoon tea early.  My day seems to be over long before others.

My car passed it’s MOT. What a relief.

Had my friend Oliver call this morning with his mum. He is four. He presented me with a picture which I’ve put on the fridge, along with the others.

Shopping this morning.

Tennis this afternoon.

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Open windows and lack of sleep

One of the downsides of this extremely hot weather is the lack of sleep.

Following a cool shower I fall into bed, but very quickly I’m tossing and turning with sleep becoming more elusive.

As I live in a ground floor flat, I am concerned about opening the windows, but last night I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was going to say leapt out of bed, but it was more like staggering out of bed. Windows flung open.

Head on pillow. Still no sleep and decided there was one other option. Ditch the nightie. I was pretty sure that if anyone ventured through the window,  the shock of seeing me would be enough to send my unwelcome visitor kicking and screaming out of the flat.

Today does seem to be cooler so I’m hoping to sleep better tonight with the nightie staying on.

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Happy 70th birthday to the NHS

As it happened I had an appointment at Winchester Hospital on Thursday afternoon to have my pacemaker checked. I was hoping that a cup of tea would be on offer, but there was nothing visible.

My daughter was on hand to drive and to offer moral support. Even though I kept telling myself that there was nothing to worry about I was still anxious. It is something that you can’t see as in a broken arm or leg.

Parking angel on hand and we managed to park outside the front entrance.

Just had time to take a seat and then we were called in. Hooked up. So very clever although I didn’t understand a lot of what they were saying.

The outcome was my heart was in fact working better so I was releaved.  A small tweak and I left.

So professional and pleasant. They were prepared to tell me what was happening. Gobble De Gooch to my ears.

Popped in to Waitrose for my shopping in view of the high temperatures that were forcast for the weekend, and I even redeemed a voucher for four pounds. The best part was I had someone to bring the shopping into the flat for me..

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Rain Man

I remember the draught we had in 1976. My cairn terrier bitch had seven puppies, one died unfortunately, and they were born in a caravan which was in our back garden. It became apparent that it wasn’t the best place to be, and we moved her to a downstairs loo, with tiles on the floor, so nice and cool.

The days passed and how we longed for rain, and that was when people began  to perform rain dances. I don’t think they helped, but it was a long time ago.

I seem to think the sun beat down relentlessly for quite some while. We used to sleep in the garden as did many others.

One day it started to rain, and we were out soaking up the feeling of water on us. Joyous.


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Surprise present from Fortnum and Mason

My daughter and grandaughter went on a girly day out to London on Saturday. I would like to have gone, but bearing in mind the heat and the crowds, I was pleased to be at home. It is at least a bit cooler inside rather than out.

I guess you could say I enjoyed the old way of getting to London from Southampton. Mum and I regularly used to visit the city and take in a couple of shows. We would travel on the Bournemouth Belle and have our lunch. No lugging of suitcases on or off the train. The porters sorted it all out.

However the girls arrived in London. First stop was to visit the potential sister in law, husband and three small children for a coffee and chat.

Next port of call was Fortnum and Mason for their incredible ice cream. It was there my daughter saw the sugar almonds. I love them and usually I am presented with some at Christmas. However last Christmas they couldn’t find any. I think it has now become a family tradition to hand me some almonds. My mum and dad always gave me some at Christmas.

After the shopping my grandaughter had arranged for a personal shopper at John Lewis for her mum. An experience of stylish shopping. Colours that she should wear were a hit, especially as there is an important wedding next year in Mauritius. She was bought a stylish dress as a thank you from her daughter.

I think it was a case of more shopping, but they all arrived home safely and very tired.

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Staying in

I’m finding it very difficult to remain enthusiastic about our weather at this time.

It takes me sometime to move my body around.  My strength seems to have been sucked out.

Added to that, the fact that I’m gardenless to all intents and purposes, so buying a plastic paddling pool to put my feet in is not on my agenda. I could of course, and sit out there with my feet in the pool, while all and sundry can stare at me murmuring “poor old soul”. According to these free astrological readings my lucks going to change after tomorrow, but only after I’ve sent them some money. Guess it’s not going to happen then. Another lost opportunity.

I’m sorry to put a dampner on all those who love this weather. Just ignore me.

My daughter is having a problem with her gastric band, and was unable to keep water down.  She had an emergency appointment with her surgeon last night, who was a little concerned.

He syphoned off some liquid through the port to make things easier. Fortunately it seems to have worked. She is feeling much better this morning. In my mind I had her having another operation to find the cause of this hiccup, but it seems to have been averted, at least for the moment.

Enjoy your day even if it’s sitting inside or outside.

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