Early new year resolution and horse pong

Do you ever wonder why you clean the house. I decided that yesterday was cleaning day or at least morning cleaning . Carpets hoovered and floors washed and then look what happened.

Derek returned with the dog who was wet and very smelly. No problems I’m just so grateful that he took Trudy out.

Knock on the door. Family with their dog Luna. The giant German shepherd at least in my eyes. Luna wasn’t the problem it was her dad. He had been working with his horse and he stank. The flat still reeks of horse perfume. One thing that mitigated the smell, were a couple of apple turnovers that he bought to go with a cup of coffee.

Visit from Mary my neighbour who is well at this time. Nice chat and then she returned to her home.

I had a phone call from my ex neighbour whose mum is now living in a nursing home. She was visiting her mum taking with her the Christmas cards that had been delivered to her home address my card included. As she was reading out the cards to her mum she remembered my name. (She has dementia) and she wanted to talk to me so I took the phone. She told me she was going to be a better person. I thought it was a strange thing to say, but then I remembered her daughter telling me that she wasn’t a very nice person sometimes. I have never seen this side of her. I guess perhaps someone had reprimanded her for her behaviour. I told her that I was going to try to be kinder too.

She said the nursing home was a large barn and she wanted to go home. I reminded her that when we leave our homes it takes us some time to adjust to our new surroundings. I’ve promised to ring on Christmas day.

I was out in the front garden with Trudy around sixish this morning when a couple of lads hoved into view, I would imagine from a party. They were singing, laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. I was hiding under the fir tree. I felt if they saw me they might think I was a ghost from Christmas future.

Enjoy your day, my lunch is being cooked for me. Lovely.

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My unexpected and lovely afternoon

Following a slight hiccup to my usual morning shopping activities, I received a phone call from my lovely neighbour. She asked where I was to which I replied Waitrose. Please when you return home would you call and see me. Yes I replied.

Returned home and it is usual for us flat dwellers to unload our shopping  outside the front door, park the car, and then heave everything inside. I left everything outside, parked my car, and returned to the front door, whereupon I discovered my shopping  had vanished,but a very kindly  neighbour had bought all the bags inside, so all was well.

Another neighbour offered to carry all the bags to my front door. How very kind. Off to see my neighbour.

Obviously not herself so I invited her in for a cup of tea to which she agreed, and then said “would you look at this”. She pulled up her trouser legs and you could see both the lower part of her legs were covered in a rash, but not one that I recognised. Contacted the doctor and an appointment was made for her. Her sister arrived to take her.

Unpacked and settled down to watch This Morning. Knock on the door Mary and her sister. I can’t remember what the diagnosis was regarding the rash, but her mind was put to rest. Bloods taken and a specimen needed on Monday.

Daughter arrived for coffee, and then my most unexpected visitor.  A neighbour with her three year old. He has a passion for hoovers and knows everything about them . All the model numbers, what tools they have but most of all he enjoys watching You Tube describing all the elements of all the vacuum cleaners.  Another James Dyson in the making I think. Then, he sang me some Christmas carols. I was thrilled, but within a few minutes he declared he was bored and wanted to go home. Of course he was, but a lovely way to spend some time with a young child.

I offered him a mince pie which he tasted. Not too sure about it and he left half, but it didn’t go to waste. The dog pinched it and ran off to the bedroom to scoff it down.

He gave me a flower from his flat but after handing it to me he wanted it back. Picture of the flower in question below.


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Morning early risers

Here I am again tap tapping my way across the page,  cos I can’t seem to sleep past four o’clock in the morning,  and then my tummy starts protesting that it needs feeding, and then of course the trip to the bathroom by which time you are pretty much awake.

As of this minute I’ve eaten some toast,  completed my weekly banking, fed the animals and back to bed.

My plans today are shopping. What a thrill that’s going to be. I have pretty much finished the present buying. This shop is mostly food stuff so next week I’ll be able to give the shops a miss.

One thing that is on my mind, amongst all the other bits and pieces that scamper across my mind is friendship.

I felt I had a special relationship with one person, but now it would seem it’s not what I thought it was. She does still text but never rings. I don’t know about you but I need to hear a voice, and I’m left wondering what have I done. Am I a terrible kind of person who people would want to steer past?.  I would like to think that isn’t true at all, but losing friends is never easy.

Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing.

I’m hoping that my doctor will ring me today with a reason why I’ve been recalled to the hospital following my tests. I do hope so.

All in all a bit of a worry. Lost one friend, going shopping, and waiting for a phone call.

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Interrupted sleep

Life meanders along until something happens that jolts you awake. My morning started much the same but there were two unexpected activities. One nice the other not.

I was waiting to go out for our walk, but being “up with the lark ” sort of person was a little early,  I decided I would decorate the Christmas tree. This is the first Christmas that Trudy will have known, as she was not a family dog more a breeding bitch,  but I hasten to add very well looked after, so it was very exciting for her. I’m not sure how long the ornaments will stay on the tree but I’m hoping she’ll leave them alone.

The next unexpectedness was a letter. It arrived in its large business like envelope and it was a letter from the hospital calling me back in following my various tests I had done. Nothing in the letter to suggest what they had found so I’m feeling anxious to say the least, and it has brought home to me that I’m the only one living in the flat, no one to talk to, or to keep awake at night with my fears, scary.

It just goes to prove how being alone can effect us all. Perhaps I’m just a scaredy cat who shouldn’t be living on her own, but just up sticks and go into a home, but I know myself too well and that isn’t an option for me at this time.

I shall try and put it to the back of my mind, but don’t think I shall succeed for long.

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Did anyone watch Gloria Hunniford and Stacey Solomon on Loose Women yesterday. The producers decided to highlight the plight of loneliness by putting Gloria and Stacey into a flat each without a mobile,  radio and any other stimulus. They were not allowed to venture out, so they were totally isolated, as so many of people are,especially if they are unable to leave their homes to connect with others.

Gloria found it hard not saying goodnight or good morning, because there is no-one there. Stacey found it hard to get dressed and the first day she just lounged in her pygamas.

Their experience was just for two days. Imagine it day after day, the relentless boredom, lots of tea and eating biscuits just to give you something to do.  We must be able to encourage people to be good neighbours and offer our time. I would like to invite people in for a coffee and natter, but that isn’t possible because it becomes a safeguarding issue. You just can’t seem to win. Anyone any suggestions?

Living in a flat environment I am lucky that I get to meet people during the course of the day, quite possibly coming in and out of the front door, but that doesn’t come without effort.  I will always say hello, then perhaps chat about the weather. We Brits love to talk about the weather so that’s an easy introduction.

I’m one of those house bound today because I was frightened of slipping over, but there have been several visitors today, one with a beautiful present. Lovely.

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Sunday roast

My usual routine of going out to lunch was not an option yesterday, so I offered to cook my grandson lunch.

Roast lamb, multi coloured carrots, broccoli, roast potatoes and gravy, followed by home made cherry pie and custard. This is unusual for me, as I rarely bother to cook particularly a roast. That’s the problem living on  your own. At least it is for me, but gosh did I enjoy it. The window  in the kitchen steamed up, haven’t seen that for quite a while.

One of my neighbours from my past, who was an elderly lady living on  her own, with her dog always cooked a “proper meal” as I would say, and that applied to her Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. She would join us for a couple of glasses of wine, and then head off home. We only lived one door away.

Tree was up with presents sitting under it, and chicken cooking in the oven.  She loved Christmas and did her very best to make it special.  I’m pretty sure that would not be me, and I wonder what the difference was between us.

Talking about presents sitting under the tree,the lady in question, and her dog were both terrified of thunder,and they used to shelter under a dining room table when there was a storm. Difficult to do this in these times. Many don’t have dining room tables, or the room to put a table up.

Very wet soggy day and cold. Pleased to arrive back home. Dried the dog and collapsed with a cup of tea.



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