Feeling good

A bold statement I know but how could you not feel good when the sun is shining so brightly.

The downside is the cat. All she does is miow because she wants to go out and potentially get herself killed. Living on a busy road is not an ideal location for any animals, and of course we’ve got the extra traffic with the heavy lorries stopping to pick up the excavated soil from  the rec. There does seem to be some interest in what’s happening though.

I was meeting up with a strolling partner this morning.  Walking is a bit of a misnomer when all I do is potter. However it’s too hot. I don’t think Trudy or I would appreciate walking/strolling. Such a shame because I was looking forward to the meet up.

On the hunt for a lightweight garden chair. I know I hear you say go buy one,but would much rather up cycle someone’s chair they no longer use. Placed a post on our local facebook page and one lovely lady has already got in touch. Great.

Enjoy your day.

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Photo of upturned loo and digger.

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Mixed week

Beacon cafe was as interesting as ever. Listening to all the stories we oldies seem to be capable of shall I say “getting up to” from relationships to animals

Unfortunately one of the members along with her husband had arranged to visit her elderly parents  but were left with the unenviable task of burying a large husky dog. The dog was put to sleep at their parents home, but when asked if they would like the dog cremated, they decided in their wisdom that was something they didn’t want.

Daughter and son in law were then faced with digging a large hole on a warmish day.  The soil was clay. I’m sure you can picture the scene. Son in law thought he was going to have a heart attack trying to dig through the clay to the required depth. All sorted however.

I also heard of a new charity called Courage Foundation. Please take a look.

Trudy again has suffered from tummy trouble, so quite a few trips to the vets with accompaning costs. Seems better today though.

Wasn’t the wedding wonderful yesterday. She looked beautiful and I was very proud to be British and witnessing all the pomp and ceremony.

As I’m sure some of you will remember but perhaps not, they are digging up part of Hiltingbury rec. See pictures of a large digger and an upturned Porta Loo. Didn’t take long for someone to vandalise. Hope it hadn’t been used.

The equipment was delivered a week ago but no sign of anything happening yet

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Wonderful dream

I awoke this morning feeling good. Why you may ask? Well I actually managed to stay asleep for some six hours. Unusual, as it seems to me I spend much of the night awake.

Is there a reason for this.  Can’t think of a single thing. If I did would be ensuring I did it today.

My dream was one of those feel good ones.  Wonderful house full of flowers and the most amazing food on offer, even my very favourite lobsters. There was of course a very tall man involved who was obviously smitten with me and had given me a big sparkler. Where has he gone?

I’m sure we would all like one of those.

Yesterday yet again had the ongoing problem with keys. I was up and down checking the entry door key and the flat key. Worn out with it all. The odd thing is that she lost my key to her flat but found another set, so where is mine?.

I know we laugh about it but she is very worried that she is losing it. I know we all have moments but this is beginning to get a bit concerning.

Today is Beacon day for a cuppa, after the dreaded shop.

The council are beginning today to put in a temporary car park opposite the flats, before they demolish the old pavilion. Looking out onto the rec, in prominent place is the loo, alongside a very large digger. I can’t believe that after all the work involved building the ‘temporary’ car park that it’s going to be turned back into a green space again.

At least there is going to be something to watch for quite a while.

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Jumble sale

Trudy and I were picked up for our visit to the jumble sale in aid of the pet charity St Francis. Very busy with lots of cars resulting in a lack of parking spaces directly outside.

My heart sank because it meant we had to cross a very busy fast road which is something I try and avoid these days

Handed Trudy over and then it was my turn to cross. No mishaps I’m pleased to say.

The sale seemed to be in just one space and I couldn’t face pushing myself through the crowds, and Trudy was definitely not keen, so we plonked ourselves down on a chair and waited for everyone else to return to us. I’m sure the charity were left with more than they sold.

I bought a toy for Trudy and some treats that were home made especially for dogs. Unfortunately she wasn’t impressed with her baked sweet potato.

Whilst we were sitting waiting, a lady with her young daughter asked if she could speak to me. No problem I said. She asked if she could take a photo of Trudy with the school “teddy”  so teddy could tell  everyone at school what he did during the weekend.

In my time it was a guinea or rabbit, but I can see how looking after teddy was far better

Called into Wyevale garden centre for a cuppa. I thought it was quite expensive. One pound for a tub of food to feed the fish. Another £1.75 for entrance into the soft play area. The food also seemed to be on the expensive side.

Today has been challenging at least this afternoon.  My friend and neighbour knocked on my door in a bit of a state. She and some forty other guests were celebrating an eightieth birthday party at the Potters Heron. A very pretty hotel.  She enjoyed herself but then she couldn’t find her keys to get into her flat. My daughter and I spent time trying to find them unsuccessfully. As I had a spare key no problem to return her to the flat. However, she has just knocked on the door telling me she’s going to go back to the church to see if she dropped them there. I feel concerned because she really is not in a good place to be driving, and I feel guilty that I didn’t go with her.

Hung a new set of curtains and was ashamed to see the dirt that had accumulated over time on the old curtains. Disgusting.

However they are on the short side but they’ll do in the short term.

Weather is looking good this week, so summer clothes out again.


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Cupboard sorting

Karen is busy collecting items for a jumble sale on Saturday, so I decided to see if I had anything to give her.

Why do they make cupboards, for the most part inaccessible, especially of the kitchen variety. I had to use my grab handler to enable me to reach some bits and pieces that I had pushed to the back.

I found a lovely cut glass fruit bowl belonging to my mum with a very grimy silver rim around the outside. I have no silver polish cleaner and I hate the smell and feel of the cleaner on my hands. What to do, and then I remembered reading that ordinary tooth paste does the trick, and it does. It looks amazing sat on a table rather than in the depths of the kitchen cupboard.

A few bits found for Karen. Cake tins, China,  knives and forks etc.

I shall be going to the jumble sale tomorrow. I love jumble sales. I just hope it’s not raining. I’m likely to return home with items that quite likely I won’t use, but it’s all in a good cause. St Francis animal sanctuary.

Went off to the physio determined to take it slowly, and it obviously paid off. I’m feeling fine at the moment.

Luna the German shepherd was discharged from  hospital yesterday, with no definitive answer to her problems. More bloods taken. Very quiet lady not like her at all.


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