Beautiful Wednesday

I don’t really think you can describe a Wednesday as beautiful,  but the weather is. I used to like a Wednesday when I was working. It meant that half of the week had gone,and it always felt you were on the downward slope towards the weekend.

I’m not sure in truth what I can say about today. I think it will mostly be me and  my animals, although I have a cleaner coming this morning to clean my bed thoroughly. The company is called Bee Clean and he does a great job.

I managed to spend all night in my bed. An accomplishment I feel.

I was still up and about early though, and decided I would pop a chicken in the slow cooker. I covered it in butter with a few slices of lemon.

Next chore. Pay some people via the Internet.  I hate it when the bank changes it’s format and I can’t do what I want to do, so in the end have to use the telephone banking service. Counter productive because I’m darn sure I’m not the only one who hates change, or perhaps not understand what is being asked of us.

Yesterday we had a team of tree surgeons arrive to cut down some branches of trees to the front of the flat. Good job, and they left everything neat and tidy.

If only that could be said for the back of the flats. The flats at the back did have a large wall around the garden space until a Tesco lorry knocked the wall down. This happened before Christmas and it’s still down.

However that’s not the problem.  To the rear of Tesco’s,  people fly tip there and it is absolutely disgusting. I imagine the vermin are loving it. The rubbish of course gets blown into the garden.

I’m  wondering how long it’s going to remain this eyesore.

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Change around

Since having enforced bed rest over the last ten days or so, I quickly came to the conclusion that my bed was not so good. It is only six years old but when I laid on it, I could feel the bubbling through the mattress protector and bed linen.  I felt that something had to be done.

I had mentioned it in passing to my daughter and then everything happened almost instantaneously. I had a bed in my second bedroom which was almost new, so it was swap the bed time, with the help of my grandaughter, grandson, and daughter. I stayed out of the way which seemed the most sensible thing to do.

All done after an hour or so, and several cups of coffee.

Nina provided the lunch and everyone left. It was as if I had waived a magic wand and said abracadaver and poof everyone vanished.

My grandaughter has found the wedding dress of her dreams. I hadn’t realised it took so long to purchase a dress. I thought you went to the shop, paid your money and left.  Not so.

I don’t remember that it was difficult in the 60’s but I might well have forgotten.

She is getting married in Mauritius, as it was more competitive price wise. No idea if I will go or not. Secretly I’m sorry it’s not going to be in the U.K.


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Bowl of soup

A friend along with her dog Lottie came to visit yesterday. She very kindly took me to do a few errands.

Such a lovely day. It was good to be out for a while.

Popped into a local Co-op in Hursley Road to buy soup and crusty rolls, and then home. She reckoned I could do with eating more vegetables, so the soup contained quite a lot. Nice to have someone thinking about what I need. Returned home.No problem you might think but you would be wrong.  Lottie is a very young exuberant puppy so training is uppermost in everyone’s minds, and she just wouldn’t walk to heel or behave, so she was put back in the car until she could behave.  It seemed to take hours before she finally arrived in the flat. It took almost an hour I would think.

I was so tired and achey just wanted her in the flat so I could relax. Gaining entrance to the building is not always easy so I was in a constant state of readiness.

However finally everything sorted and I sat and waited for my soup and roll. A small thing but for once I didn’t have to do anything.

As with most things as I felt better yesterday morning I did too much. I hate to see the place looking a bit grubby. I do not live in a dirty house, but without a daily hoover,surfaces look grubby.

Trudy off out for the day such a lucky girl.

No visit from the family as they were wedding dress shopping still. No news if a gown was purchased. I guess today I’ll find out more

Contemplating getting dressed. So warm and comfy can’t really be bothered yet.

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What are you worth?

Morning. Actually slept pretty well last night at least until four o’clock this morning.

When you lay awake that’s the cue for everything rushing into your head. Food, housework, shopping, the list is endless. I ended up thinking how much I was worth.

I remember a very long time ago in India they used weighing scales for people, one end occupied by a person, the other end filled with gold to equal the person’s weight the other end. Don’t know what happened to the gold though.  Perhaps it was given to the poor.

However I added up what my replacement hip cost plus my pacemaker and have come up with the approximate sum of £25,000, so my insides are worth a whole lot more than my outside body with its fair share of wrinkles, swollen knee, etc.

My daughter and grandaughter called in following their wedding dress shopping experience. The dresses were so pretty, but they haven’t done yet. They are hitting the shops again today, but maybe we shall have a final decision on which dress soon.

A friend is coming for coffee this morning,  and is going to take me out so I can run a few errands. I won’t be running however,just slowly slowly catchy monkey.

Enjoy your day which I do believe is shaping up to be pleasant.


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A feeling of heaviness

I’m sure there are many of us who following a medical procedure of some sort, find that it is difficult to act as you were. Before the pacemaker insertion I would like to think I stood upright, but now today,feel as if I have a considerable weight inside my chest. I feel as if I’m Marley’s ghost from Scrooge trailing all those chains around with me. I know it will get better, but when I ask myself.

I was going to go wedding dress shopping with my granddaughter today but I don’t feel up to it. I’m so disappointed.

Yesterday was a happy day. A friend called to visit and bought a wonderful cake for me. She is an amazing cook, and I’m really going to enjoy eating it.


I wanted to give Anne and Derek the dog walkers a little something to say thanks but they wouldn’t let me. I did come up with an idea though.  A cake. Something they could enjoy with their family. As my sponge making isn’t too good I put a post on Chandlers Ford neighbours asking if anyone could make me one.  I didn’t want a bought one.

Had several replies, and in the end I chose one and she made this chocolate cake. Just the ticket.

Thanks to the bakers.

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Heading for the shower

Morning I’ve decided to attempt a shower. I’m going to cover the dressing with a waterproof plaster, a large one, and hope everything goes according to plan. According to my discharge sheet a shower could be taken today.

My hair too is in serious need of a wash. Whenever you feel unwell your hair goes manky and mine is certainly that, and that makes me feel even worse.

I had a clear plan for my lunch yesterday. I was going to make some pancakes, but couldn’t in all seriousness stand over a stove, although I love pancakes.  I like the sweet variety with sugar and lemon.

Managed to stay in bed all night although sleep still eludes me. Switched my light on and picked up my book all at the grand time of 4.15 a.m. Normally I would consider that to be far too early to start reading.

My day is I guess the same as yesterday. Doing a few bits and pieces and then resting.

Not sure if Trudy is off again,  as Anne and Derek were hoping to take their grandchildren to the I.O.W, but of course that’s dependant on our British weather.

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