Gossip at the hairdressers

Don’t you love going to the hairdressers. I’ve just returned from my cut and blow dry, buzzing with titbits of gossip.

My hairdresser was telling me about an amazing medium she had just visited. Have got to see her I think.

Some gossip of course you cannot divulge or shouldn’t,  being on the sensitive side. Like ex husbands, boyfriends, money etc.

I’ve come home on a high.

What a strange week this week. Had an appointment with Lee the dog trainer on Monday, but looking out of the window at the yellow sky and an ominous feeling I decided to cancel. No birds singing and pretty much nothing moving, except the trees being blown around.

My daughter and I had previously put some curtains up for my neighbour,  and joined her for a cup of tea. Aged 92 I think she is past the hanging curtain side of things.

Joined the ladies at The Beacon Cafe yesterday. Jane our craft teacher was missing,  so I didn’t return home with dubious bits and pieces, that I have to decide whether I want people to see them,or hide away in a scrap book. Most of my efforts end up in there.

Tomorrow I’m puppy sitting. Lunch prepared a chicken casserole and I shall be ready for the onslaught that is Luna. Evidently she’s being very naughty at the moment, so how long I shall babysit we shall see.

A friend of mine is an artist who is going to paint a portrait of puppy dog Luna as a Christmas present. We took some photos using the mobile, but as I had no printer and the images were too small , I posted a message on Chandlers Ford neighbours asking for help. I think eighteen people got in touch, and I finally decided on The Print Room basically because it’s local. Friendly and helpful, and they are going to post the images out to me, as collection would be difficult for me because of the number of steps leading to the shop.

Must just say a big thank you to the very kind person who said they would do it for me, without having to go to a supermarket or shop. Unfortunately when you have mobility problems sometimes things can be very challenging, but in this case all good.



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A day much like any other. Friday night.Spent much of the night awake as Trudy insisted on nibbling her feet and licking herself, then scratching.  I tried being nice but resorted to shouting at her which of course was useless. When I finally got up I decided that a dose of Piriton might be a good idea, and after studying the instructions decided to give her a dose suitable for a six year old child. No adverse side effects.

When the vets opened appointment made and everything quiet at the moment following an injection and a course of steroids. Steroids are so cheap so the final bill was not horrendous as is often the case.

Waiting their turn to be seen were mum, daughter and their little dog Star. They were just in for a check up following Star being spayed. The little girl was telling those who would listen that she was going to write to Santa suggesting presents for her dog Star. She was not totally convinced there was a Santa, as big brother I think was telling her otherwise.

Spent time at the charity shop.  Loads of good quality children’s clothes so if you need any you know where to go.

There was also a bag of children’s karate whites. Very clean and freshly ironed. A bargain if you are looking for this type of clothing.

Quiet afternoon. Visit from Mary my neighbour, and then the family arrived complete with crazy dog Luna. The cat vanished to her bedroom. She is slowly venturing out of her room, but as soon as she hears someone come in, especially with a dog in tow she’s off which is not surprising really.


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Oh what a beautiful morning

I’m so glad I’m alive this morning. It is beautiful even though first thing it was a bit chilly.

Went to Hocombe where I took a couple of pictures. Can you see a face in the tree trunk?. I also took a picture of the re-opened path that the council have been working on of late. Pretty good. What do you think?

I was watching our local news last night and I was astounded to learn that the great storm happened thirty years ago, and sadly remembered that it is now nearly thirty years since I last saw and spoke to my mum. She died a short while after the great storm.

My mum was of the opinion that “she didn’t sleep a wink” most nights but she managed to sleep through the storm.

I remember walking into work. The Managers were so delighted that people had made an effort to get in, they bought tins of biscuits and sandwiches for us all.

I used to travel from West Sussex to Hampshire every weekend to visit mum in hospital and of course dad. The hurricane seemed to have decimated Sussex more than Hampshire.

And so time marches on. Enjoy your day.


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A good laugh

Tuesday was vet day for puss. It was agreed that we would meet up at Valley Park for a walk before the appointment. Trudy off lead but got a little too personal for a certain Ridgeback who was all set to put Trudy in her place. She turned tail and came back to us. I was walking with Nat and her mum Karen.  Karen is between jobs so she accompanies Nat on  her walks. There we were munching sweeties and chatting.

Next stop the vet. Quite busy so we sat in the waiting room. Three adults one cat and one dog. It is a family outing after all.

Nat and Karen were talking about the cinema they had taken Karen’s mum and therefore Nats nan to visit. On a Monday afternoon in Eastleigh they show a film for the grand sum of £3.99 per person so there they all were watching  Victoria and Abdul in an almost empty cinema. Nat had made herself comfortable when a loud voice said “are you asleep” to which she replied “I’m not now am I”, but the most embarrassing thing was this was all shouted out. Nan hadn’t realised you need to be a bit quiet at these showings.

I could imagine the scene and had a good chuckle. I think the vets assumed we were all ruffians.

They enjoyed the film very much, and I believe they are going again sometime soon, so no-one was put off by the shouting.

Puss is still gaining weight so we have a week between visits this time. Hallelujah!



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That sinking feeling

Following a few episodes of Atrial Fibrillation an appointment was made at the local doctors surgery for an E.C.G which was scheduled for this morning, I received a phone call explaining that the appointment would have to be changed due to sickness, and it was re-arranged for later in the morning.

Stripped off all the clothes above the waist and was instructed to relax and think of pleasant things. I have had several E.C.G’s in the past and knew there was nothing to worry about.

Quickly over and then “it’s abnormal”. Heart in mouth what was going on. She explained that she would send the results to the doctor and he would look at it, and if necessary see me before our scheduled appointment in two weeks time, if he considered it important.

Left feeling worried and returned home. I made sure my phone was with me all the time. No calls.

Should I phone the surgery or leave it. I decided for my own peace of mind I would call them. No need to panic it would seem.  Very relieved.

Settled down to watch Victoria.


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80th Birthday Party

I was delighted to be invited to an 80th birthday party yesterday and Trudy and I duly arrived at the appointed time. Rang on the bell, door opened and  balloons, children, people and a dog all were restrained so we could enter. Lovely warm and welcoming feeling.

Trudy off the lead and went haring out to the garden. A few minutes passed and she came running in trailing a basket filled with plants clamped underneath her. How she managed that I’ve no idea and the only way to set her free was to take her harness off. Not the best of beginnings for her.


Next problem were the balloons especially the large red balloons depicting the age of eighty.

It brought to mind how little she had experienced in the way of a typical family like setting.

Lots of lovely food,  curries, chilli con carne, and sandwiches, especially the eggy ones. I love egg sandwiches mainly because I don’t make them for myself. They are such a faff  to make for me alone.

Children of all ages playing happily on the trampoline, and in the sandpit,and partygoers of all ages. All blissfully happy and content.

There were a large number of people that I didn’t know and I found it a bit intimidating but enjoyed the bash very much.

Forego the birthday cake as Trudy was scared with these floating red things with a number on them, but hope to have a slice next week.

I went to the charity shop for a few hours, and came away with a dog grooming set, a handbag, and various bits and pieces. Not a bad morning all round.

Today being Sunday I think is going to be spent quietly. My back is causing me some pain, and although the experts all agree to keep moving, I’m going to disregard their advice and rest awhile.

Enjoy your Sunday whatever you may be doing. At least in Chandlers Ford the sun does appear to be trying to shine so that lifts the spirits doesn’t it.

Puss is quiet today but she has just had her opiate administered so I’m hoping things will improve as the day progresses.

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