Hiltingbury extravaganza

Fortunately it was a dryish day yesterday, which must have been a huge worry lifted from the organisers.

I started my day with an early walk,  so that I could avoid all the set up involved in the extravaganza, but there were already a few hardy souls surveying their pitches I presume.

Once Trudy was off for her walk which sounded wonderful.( Shawford Down). I popped to Waitrose to buy food, that perhaps puss would eat. Gourmet soup and some liver pate. Petrol next and then home.

Family arrived for an early lunch and off we wandered to the extravaganza. Donkeys were offering rides.

I always feel a bit sad to see them being walked around the field, and they too seemed a bit fed up.

We were asked if we would like to show the dogs but we graciously declined. There were many young puppies who were only too willing to have a go with their young owners. So many dogs it was almost a dog fest.

Usual mix of henna painting, hair braiding, and Morris dancing.

I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t bothered to change, and certainly didn’t look my best, but thought the likelihood of me meeting anyone I knew was unlikely. Isn’t it always the way. Met several friends.

I hope the organisers felt it was a success.

The only thing I bought was home made fudge. Thinking of my stomach again.

Went to the vets with puss today. She hasn’t lost any more weight, and has even managed to put a bit of weight on. Result. Thank you for your prayers for her.

In Chandlers Ford we have a  Friendly Good Neighbours group and I put a post asking for help with puss with her injections and force feeding, and I was delighted to receive two responses, which has  made me less worried about being able to cope as my family are off to Bali tomorrow for their holiday. I was scared of my ability to cope.

That is partly because of my age. Vulnerability I believe you call it.



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A very sick cat

Yet again  had to return to the vet, who was very concerned because she was losing weight. She’s an elderly lady and hasn’t any spare fat on her. (Wish I could say the same thing). The long and short of the visit is she had to have another anaesthetic to check that the wire was not causing her any problems.

She rallied and because of the difficulty in administering all the drugs, feed her by hand, we decided to try and get her admitted to Anderson Moores the specialist veterinary group just up the road from me. Unfortunately they didn’t have any room so she returned home. She was so pleased to get home. Managed with the drugs with a plus one, and even got a small amount of food in.

Put her to bed early, left food and drink down.  Drank the special milk and ate a little of the tuna, and now we start all over again.

For today I have help because it’s so difficult to hold a cat and administer food and drugs. I feel as if I’m letting her down, but not much else I can do at the present time.

Trudy has just returned from her Saturday morning romp with Anne and Derek, so she will be asleep much of the day so I can concentrate on puss.

Quick visit to the charity shop.  Returned home with towels (for wrapping puss in) and a table lamp – see below.

Have a pleasant weekend and if you feel so inclined say a prayer for puss and me.


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My world seems to be shrinking

I now walk that much later than I used to, so miss my usual dog walkers, and I therefore feel out of the loop.

Used to love talking about recipes, the things that were happening in their lives and all the news regarding their pets, and I so miss it.  You might say I’m nosy and of course I am. Sylvie one of the walkers is an amazing cook, and she would often arrive with a taste of a cake she had made.  Home grown vegetables too.She seemed to eat the most amazing home cooked foods. I felt really envious because quite frankly I don’t bother to cook much anymore. I know how to cook, but it just isn’t the same when you live on your own. I am however going to cook a prawn stir fry for my lunch today. I find that I cook more for the animals than myself.

Having said all this I do walk with Nat most days, and we enjoyed our walk this morning. Both dogs off the lead and both dogs back home safely. Such a lovely walk. Squirrels, cats, birds, and cattle. How nice.

Back to the vet this afternoon so they can check Aura over and remove the drip. She seems more like her old self, very vocal, but don’t think it’s because she is in pain.

Sat here writing  the blog and a thought crosses my mind “shall I do the housework today”. Just as quickly it arrived in my head the answer came back “no”. It will be here tomorrow I’ve no doubt.




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An unfortunate accident

Yesterday started much the same as usual. Shower, dressed, animals fed went for a walk.

When we got home found the cat bleeding all over the bed. Always seems to be a lot of blood doesn’t there. Had a look and decided we needed to go to the vet. All my attendances at the vet recently have been of the emergency type and yesterday was no exception.

She had lost a tooth and her jaw was broken. This meant an operation and a wired up mouth. I certainly didn’t want to hear  the way the operation was conducted, but she came home last night safe and sound.

She turned her nose up at the food the vet prescribed.A soft pate type food and a bottle of what looked like milk. She has remained in her room hiding under the bed. The bed is her secure place, as the bedspread hangs over the sides. It’s going to be a bit of a problem in a few minutes because she has to return to the vet again to see if she needs to be re-attached to a drip.

A beautiful day today, although I’m feeling pretty tired. Stress is an unwelcome bed mate.

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Unfortunate First dates

I’m sure many of you are aware of the lovely story circulating now. It’s very funny although mind boggling.

This girl who was on a first date needed to use the loo. Not for a wee you understand, but it wouldn’t flush away. What to do. She decided to throw it out the window which she did, only to realise it had slipped down between the two panes of glass. She went head first into the space and then got stuck. Firemen were called and they rightly said they would never forget this call out. One person came up with the idea of putting the offending item in her handbag, but we don’t always take a handbag into the  loo do we?.

It’s going to be a quiet day for me. My Atrial Fibrillation that occurred last night has left me feeling tired out. Fortunately Trudy is with Derek and Anne for her walk, and I’m going out to lunch so there’s no need to cook anything. I hate feeling like this. When I first arrived in Chandlers Ford I tried to get a group together for those who were suffering from this condition.

For the first few months all went well but then there was a steady decline and finally we stopped meeting. It is a shame because it can be pretty scary when your heart plays up, and it’s reassuring to talk to people with the same condition offering support and understanding.

There is  a group at Andover which I believe is going well. It is supported by doctors who can give information on the various drugs that are available and of course you can ask questions.

A local doctor was keen to come to our meetings but with no members to speak of it was a non starter.

Enjoy your day. It is beginning to feel very autumnal. It won’t be long before we are shuffling through the fallen leaves. I enjoy doing that.

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Valley Park and meeting up with granddaughter

Went to Valley Park with daughter, her dog, and we two. Fortunately it was dry so we had a pleasant walk, returning to the car park via the woods. It must be virtually the same distance as going straight back over the field but it seemed to take ages. In places I found it quite difficult. Lots of tree stumps, boggy patches with lots of wood of odd shapes and sizes placed on top obviously to make it less boggy, but with a gammy leg I found it very hard. Without my daughter there I would feel very uncomfortable walking through the woods by myself. We are all told that exercise is good for us but it would be very helpful if they could make it easier for those less able.

Hocombe Mead, which is an all time favourite for me is anther case in point. I can’t walk over the boardwalks because of the numerous steps up and down with no rail to hang on to. Nat is then called upon to lend me her arm to go up the numerous steps and then down again. Come on people let’s make things easier for us less able.

Enough of the moaning. We returned to my daughter’s house for a cuppa and caught up with my granddaughter. She was visiting her mum overnight and then off to a hen party in the New Forest somewhere. Fifteen young lovely things. Discussed her upcoming wedding. Perhaps Italy or here in the United Kingdom. Exciting times for her and Nick. House bought,at present being renovated, so much to look forward to.

Have a good weekend. Let it be filled with kindness,understanding and love.

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