Monday the beginning of a new week for us all. I’m fortunate that I’m not having to drive anywhere, unlike all those who have to venture out onto the icy surfaces. I may venture out later when there is a thaw if the dog walker doesn’t arrive.

Yesterday in the midst of a snow storm Derek arrived for Trudy. I was surprised and delighted to see him there. He couldn’t really comprehend why I thought he wouldn’t arrive. Trudy home an hour or so later her feet covered in snow balls. She wasn’t impressed. I filled a bowl with warm water and washed some of the balls off. She took herself off to bed, I covered her up and she stayed there all night and has only just gone out in the front for a wee. Amazing bladder. I wish mine was like that having got up about three times last night.


Decided I would bake a cake as I was home. My effort didn’t look much like the picture but it tasted alright.

A kindly neighbour knocked on the door to  ask if I would like any shopping picked up from our local Tesco. I declined but was very grateful that someone had bothered to knock to see if everything was okay here. It brings it home to me that I’m one of the elderly living alone who would welcome a caring soul at my door to ask if “all is well with you”.

My elderly neighbour also rang as she had a problem with her fire alarm beeping all night. She asked if I could remove the offending battery for her. I knew that this was something I couldn’t do for her, as I had much the same problem last year with my alarm, but I couldn’t reach the battery let alone remove it. However following a few calls one of the other flat dwellers came to the rescue so I guess she had a peaceful non blip sleep.

Not doing much today until I see some improvement out there. Take care if you are out and about


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Picking up the pace

Actually managed to get my shopping all by myself, with the help of a shopper on wheels. How I used to hate those things when I was younger, and admit to poking fun at them.

Just goes to show how your attitudes change. It was a real help and I didn’t have to manhandle the bags into the flat.

Trudy was being picked up later for a walk today, so I plucked up some courage (just a little bit) and took her over to the rec. I admit to not walking all the way round, but it felt good to be out and about meeting up with old friends and dogs. Funnily enough nothing seems to have changed. We all imagine that once we are no longer a part of something, we are missing out,  but in most cases this is not so.

Back home to ring my friends. I always catch up on a Saturday morning,  and spent a pleasant hour doing just that.

Cleared up and watched the snow which has vanished now I’m glad to say.

Sat watching television cuddled under a lovely thick blanket with the dog snoring on the floor, and the cat cuddled up on the blanket too. A picture of contented bliss.


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Retracing my steps

I dillied  and dallied yesterday about venturing out for a walk with Trudy. It was quite a nice day and I was tempted to get out.

You see I felt scared. It has been so long since I ventured out on my own. Could I hold onto Trudy. She’s what you would call chunky.

Said to Trudy “would you like to go for walkies”. I’m sure you know the answer. Found my trusted Barbour filled the pockets with mobile, kleenex, poo bags and my pacemaker identification. We are told we should carry this at all times. Off we went.

Went to Hocombe Woods one of my favourite places. Not too wet, but I imagine following the rain last night, it’s going to be a different story today.

I was disappointed. Nothing much going on and it was a bit dismal.  It was however good to be out in god’s fresh air.

Thought I would sleep like a log but I slept badly,so I couldn’t have inhaled enough of the fresh air.

Enjoy your day stay safe.

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Getting up from my bed in the morning can be a problem at times. Not always, but some days everything hurts especially the back.  You struggle to stand up and struggle to sit down.

I had one too many “can’t move” moments and decided I had to have a new mattress, and I bought one.

Changed the rooms round.My bed became the spare and the bedstead in the spare room became my new bed awaiting the delivery of the memory foam mattress.

My “old mattress” was in fact only two years old and hardly used.

The men who delivered the new mattress were unable to take the old one away so it was left to me to dispose of it. I had no idea how difficult that was going to be.

I spent a huge amount of time on the phone to charities who when they bothered to return my call at all were “full up”. I found that difficult to comprehend.

However have managed to find a home for it. I hate dumping something that is perfectly serviceable in all ways.

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Mothers day lunch

As planned,made my way to the family home, along with the two grandchildren. Roast chicken with all the trimmings, followed by ice cream.  Delicious and a couple of hours later returned home

Luna the German shepherd is having training at Scovellsway Kennels and the list of do’s and don’ts is quite extensive.

Luna is a large gentle lump,  but wants to knock you over in her effort to get to you. Solution is to vigorously shake a bottle of stones at her. Works a treat, but my silly old setter was quite disturbed by the noise.

She also has to be supervised out in the garden because she digs all the flowers up.

You mustn’t think they had a bad day. They both enjoyed a lovely chicken dinner with roast potatoes and gravy.

I do think Trudy was quite relieved to return home to the peace and quiet. Peace and quiet is good sometimes but like most things you can have too much of a good thing.

Today was hair cut day and I was trying out a new hairdresser one that came to your home. As I’m still not feeling myself I felt it made sense to change my habits for a while. It’s quite nerve wracking changing your hairdresser. I have a very good one, and today was a tryout. Luckily I am not disappointed. It’s okay and I think I’ll stick with her for a while. It also saves me from having someone dog sit Trudy because she suffers from separation anxiety, so it’s cheaper all round to have someone call at the flat.

I believe the forecast is for the cold weather to return with snow, so I guess the supermarkets will sell out of milk and bread again. Be prepared is what I say.

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Good day bad day

Following on from Friday which was a good day, yesterday was awful. I felt so breathless and everything was too much of an effort. I hate hate feeling like this. When am I ever going to feel like myself again. I have an appointment at the pacing clinic in a couple of weeks time when hopefully they can throw some light on this.

I have started writing a diary to see if a pattern emerges.

Today being mothering Sunday I’m off out to lunch. Roast chicken I believe.

Louise will be joining us as well. She has been to a birthday party in this neck of the woods, and is stopping for lunch before returning home. Matthew will be dragging himself out of bed to pick me up I hope. Much of his weekend is spent sleeping in bed during the day and then staying up to all hours of the night, Does this sound familiar?

Life feels better for me today. I’ve been out for a walk. May the day be good for you too.


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