One of the definitions of tears  is the “act of weeping”. What has prompted this blog you might ask.

Yesterday happily leaving home for a bit of shopping my phone rang. All I could really hear were the muffled words and it was obvious that the person was crying. I finally managed to find out what was wrong. She had had an awful morning with her puppy and felt totally at her wits end. We agreed to meet up and together hopefully make things better. At least there would be two of us coping with the wayward pup.

It did seem to work. She left for home a couple of hours later feeling much better I’m glad to say.

What makes you cry. I don’t really think I’m much of a cryer,  but bereavement, pain and a sense of injustice, a weepy film, animals and human suffering bring me close to tears, and of course mustn’t forget music.

If I feel like a good cry it is often because I’m tired, tiredness makes me very vulnerable.

I’m not sure if I should sport a “stiff upperlip” or let everything out, and of course if you readily cry people will eventually get fed up with you and you might earn the nickname “cry baby” but perhaps there’s a replacement word that is used these days.

At the moment I’m fine not remotely feeling like crying, long may it continue.


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A shared cuppa with the ladies of the United Reform Church afternoon fellowship

I agreed to meet with the ladies today to talk about my favourite subject loneliness, some while ago.

However we all know that time slips away from us very quickly and all too soon the day arrived. I am not a natural born speaker so I felt a little anxious.My heart did it’s usual out of sync beating so I swallowed another pill which calmed things down. I am allowed to up the dose if needed so no danger of over medicating.

I wondered how I was going to speak for thirty minutes or so, but with questions and answers the time quickly passed.

Cup of tea and biscuits followed.

The ladies were of a similar age to me in fact some were dare I say it older than me. Some owned up to feeling lonely which was refreshing to hear. Many of us don’t admit to this feeling.

Left with a potted cyclamen.

Trudy was well taken care of, so no possibility of a bark.

Had a glass of wine with supper which I thought was well deserved.


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Old age

I am always open mouthed when I see pictures of women simliar in age to me. Late 70’s.They look lovely and this begs the question what’s happened to mine?.

Drink was very much a part of my life and to be honest I probably drank too much. A partner who was an alcoholic didn’t help much, but following a health scare I gave the drink up. I felt really miserable but over time that became a thing of the past. Now I rarely imbibe. Is this the reason why my body is not so youthful looking?. My legs have the horrid signs of varicose veins, and my skin has a few brown marks and a few moles. Not a particularly nice look. Lots of cover up makeup if I go out, other than walking the dog.

Then comes the aches and pains and lack of energy. I particularly hate the low energy thing. I want to keep on and on.

However,went out walking this morning, and I’m beginning to catch up on the news, because without lou here have neglected to go walking for its own sake. I felt welcomed again. It’s strange but it takes years to be accepted into the walking group, and when you stop you have to work at getting accepted again. Strange isn’t it. If you’re seen that’s okay but if you stop walking for whatever reason you become invisible and forgotten almost.

Looking forward to picking up my dining room chairs this morning, and hopefully welcoming the rain later.

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Very early morning starts

Morning to you all. I feel as though I’ve been up all night. The reason.Trudy the new family pet. She is so good most of the time but she wakes at 4 a.m. I try to ignore her but she just cries softly and I just can’t stand it. She seems to be ravenous so plonk a bowl of food down and then return to my bed. As you know when your sleep is disrupted it is very difficult to slip back into the land of nod.

I’m wondering if I should feed her last thing at night or leave things as they are. I don’t want to give her extra at night and then she expects more early morning. I’m sure someone can help out with this conundrum.

Had a nice meal with the family yesterday. Managed to encourage the dog into the car with the help of my grandson. What a pantomime.

Today is shopping day, which is more of a chore than pleasure. So much to choose from.

Enough of my moaning – enjoy this beautiful day.

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Are you any good at waiting?. We do seem to spend an enormous amount of time waiting. I spent a long time waiting for my daughter to arrive for our scheduled walk. Time crept on. No reply to land line or mobile. What’s going on I wondered?. I remembered I had her neighbours mobile, so I texted her and asked if she wouldn’t mind popping next door to see if all was well.

Everything was okay. She had decided to have a lie in, but of course it was all my fault. Don’t you know. She told me she wasn’t rushing today, but in all honesty don’t remember this conversation at all. No worries mum it’s just a senior moment you are having. Huh!

Perhaps it’s she who is having the senior moment, but I’m guessing she doesn’t listen to a word I say any way.

Another clammy day with an even hotter outlook promised for next week. Hibernation I guess.

Trudy got into the car without too much encouragement today. Progress. She went off quite happily with Nat my walker and had a good run around her large garden with the other dogs. I believe she was quite tempted to take a header into the pond but this was averted, I think she thought the fish food was something enjoyable to eat.

Whilst she was out I decided to pop to the charity shop to buy some books. I had actually read every book in the flat. I read a lot. I bought three for a pound. Not only did I buy the books but I bought two dining room chairs for £15 to go with the table I bought a couple of weeks ago.I now have a lovely table and two chairs for the grand total of £35. I would love to know what stories the table and chairs could tell. Thought provoking.

Enjoy  the weekend whatever you may be doing.


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A small milestone

For those who read my blog you will know that I have a rescue dog called Trudy. She appeared to be terrified of getting in a car. You might say so what?. But this was difficult for me.

As I have what you would describe as a “gammy” leg, pavement walking and crossing busy roads tends to bring on a panic attack. Not a bad one, but I feel very worried and touch things for luck when I venture out. I have a cross and chain that belonged to my dad which came from Jerusalem. Dad travelled extensively in his younger days. I touch it every time I leave the flat. He also had a rabbit foot. I don’t have this now though. It seems abhorrent to me to have a rabbit’s foot for luck.

However this morning my daughter and I enticed the dog onto the back seat of the car, so I didn’t have to cross the road. Beautiful morning, lovely walk and amazing birdsong. I just wish I knew which bird was singing it’s heart out.

Tomorrow of course is another day with more challenges but I’m confident things can only get better.


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