Upside down

I haven’t posted for a while because much of my day is spent cocooned inside the flat, because of this breathless feeling. One thing I’ve learned is when you feel okay do everything you can then.

Case in point I was expecting friends for coffee. Ocado delayed no milk. What to do? Felt too unwell to go to Tesco. I would just have to own up, and send them round for the milk.

Lucky me they had already had coffee.

Tuesday spent the morning at the Beacon. Social chitchat. Had a talk from Tony who started the Courage Foundation offering very special trips to those kids who are hurting following a bereavement. It seems to be going well I’m pleased to say.

A days outing yesterday. A trip to the hospital and then to Tesco. I actually made it. So sad to think I was pleased that I had made it.

Check out girls are so lovely and helpful but realised I must be old when they started calling me “darling”

However the point of this blog was the upside down bit.

Woke up feeling the need to go to the bathroom. Hopped back into bed. Looked at the clock 12 o’clock, but I became aware of traffic noise. Unusual the amount of traffic passing in front of the flat.  Put the light on and discovered I had placed the clock upside down and in fact it was 6 o’clock. Batty old buddy.

Enjoy the weekend.

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The Orient Express

On Sunday I went to my daughter’s to bake the Christmas cake, although in truth didn’t do any Christmas baking, as the fruit hadn’t been soaked long enough. I settled down in front of the television to watch Murder on the Orient Express which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Had my lunch cooked for me and then scones and cream along with a cuppa finished off a very pleasant day.

This week has still been challenging. Some days I feel good others not so much.

The downside is I miss going out and interacting with those I meet along the way.

With the sun shining so brightly I felt down in the dumps sat inside.

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Dark outside

I’m presently laying in bed looking out at a very dark morning,  but in the background I can hear birds singing. I wish I knew which bird or birds are singing.  It’s such a lovely wake up call.

I’ve fed the animals, made a cup of tea and waiting to see how I feel. There must be so so many of us who lay quietly contemplating which bit hurts more, or perhaps a new pain has come to light.

Nothing much doing today and for that I’m grateful. Don’t want unexpectedness in my life because it’s not always good is it?


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Not a good week but a few light moments

This week has proved challenging.

Tuesday I drove my neighbours to our coffee rendezvous. That proved to be a bit like Faulty Towers.

One of the ladies sat on  the back seat where Trudy was sleeping. Trudy was so excited to have company next to her, that she would insist on being as close as possible, much to Doreen’s dismay. She’s not particularly keen on dogs. Finally all settled.

Next Mary, who climbed into the car without much ado. Arrived at our destination and all out, but I couldn’t find my walking stick. I imagined I had left it in the car park.

I felt anxious. Those of you who use a stick will know how I felt. Mary kindly offered her arm to hang on to, even though she’s 93, so there we were walking not so smartly down the road. I didn’t hang on too hard.

We did enjoy our morning and returned home. Getting out wasn’t too bad, but we couldn’t get Doreen out and we didn’t understand why. The reason. Trudy was sitting on her coat.

Wednesday I felt very poorly and even phoned  my daughter to say I couldn’t cope. I hate to put pressure on  her when I know she has a busy working life. Went to docs no definitive answer. Still don’t feel well, but that perhaps is not strictly true. I feel alright in myself I just can’t breathe. Worrying.

Have a safe, dry weekend. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not good.

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Best foot forward

Last week I decided that I would get out a bit more with Trudy. Went to Hocombe Woods and Valley Park. Such beautiful days with the most amazing skies. Almost cobalt in colour.

We all hear that exercise is good for us and indeed it is, but where do you draw the line. Still feeling breathless, so it’s a push yourself situation, which I don’t think is perhaps the way to go.

Visited the Pacing Clinic in Winchester to discuss all options. It was pretty much agreed that the pacemaker was working as it should.  It’s the Atrial Fibrillation that’s causing the breathlessness. I hate it.

Does anyone who reads this blog suffer from the same condition?.  I would love to hear from you with your comments.

Not a lot happening today. Cooking lunch. Clearing up.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Sarah who owns Bay Leaves coffee shop. We are both trying to reach out to those who would enjoy a coffee and chat occasionally. We are very much aware that we all need to reach out to help others, who perhaps have no friends or family left, or perhaps their family live many miles away.

Read a post on Facebook regarding fleas on dogs. Panic because this dog owner had found one. What is the matter with some people? . Fleas are not great things to have either on your animals or in your houses, but it was almost an hysterical post, which I had to comment on.

I replied, explaining that long ago there were no flea sprays or drops, you just sat with the animal and parted the fur and hunted for the little blighters. When found you squashed them between your thumb nails. Satisfying.

Have a wonderful day.


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Deja vu

I have had visitors for coffee and a chat these past few weeks, and on the very day they turn up, my lovely neighbour knocks on the door. The first time to ask for help making up her bed. She was expecting a cleaner who hadn’t turned up, and the result was that she was struggling to get the duvet back in the cover. Julie and I went round and completed the task.

This week there was a Mary tap at the door. I recognise her knock now, and this time it was to change a light bulk. Mary my coffee companion got the step ladder out, and changed the bulb. Sorted. I shall always be wondering when my next visitor arrives, if Mary knocks on the door again. I don’t mind in the slightest and nor do my guests. We have a laugh and a chat about it.

We do seem to have moments of deja vu especially when picking up the phone. What has been your deja vu moment that you remember?.

The weather has changed and become even more autumn like, to the point where several ladies of a certain age are getting their vests out. Not me at this point of time, but guess it may come,who knows or indeed cares.

Sad news one of my dog walking friends has lost her seven year old dog,  following an operation. I don’t know the ins and outs because she’s too upset to talk about it. Liz who owned Meg who was a golden retriever, used to buy Meg the most amazing dog coats from Scotland. Hand made to fit, and I shall always remember Meg running across the rec in her wonderful winter coats. I shall miss her. She was a loving gentle dog.

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