Wedding dress fitting

Yesterday it was a girlie almost family day out. My daughter, grandaughter, and bridesmaid went to a small village called Wickham first of all for lunch, or high tea whatever appealed to you.

I chose chicken salad with strips of bacon, walnuts, olives, salad leaves which was slightly warm.  It was delicious. The rest of the party had their specialist tea. Sandwiches of your choice, scones with trimmings and a choice of scrumptious cakes and liquid refreshment of your choosing. You could also have Prosecco if you wished. No one rushed you and it was most enjoyable. The tea shop went by the name of Lilly’s.

We left and wandered down a hill to visit an antiques/odds and ends emporium. Interesting as all these shops tend to be. You need quite a lot of time to really do it justice, and then back up the hill, into the car to find Anya’s.

The bridal shop is situated in the middle of the country and is housed in a converted barn. Very attractive,

We walked to the front door and there was a heart shaped plaque with the words “Welcome Louise”. A nice touch. She had already chosen the dress previously, this was just confirmation that it was indeed the dress of her dreams. It was. She looked very beautiful,  but I didn’t take any photos as I was worried that I might send them to all and sundry.

Then Waitrose oh the joy. I was so tired when I got home.

Trudy had been with Luna, and she was as tired as me. She hasn’t as yet been out for a wee, and it’s now 9 o’clock.

Quiet day for both of us.

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Through the window

Who among you remembers Rear Window with Grace Kelly and James Stewart?. I remember the film well. It was a story about someone (James Stewart) who when looking out of the window witnessed a disturbing series of events leading to a homicide. I am not suggesting that anything like that happened to the person living opposite me.

However the point is I live in a ground floor flat and there is a row of I think maisonettes opposite me. Over a period of three years I have been noticing small things about the occupant opposite, and my mind has conjured up all sorts of things. The only real facts are that upon her/his return from work the curtains were closed. In the morning they were opened but in the weekend the curtains remained closed until 8.30 a.m.

To my knowledge I never saw the occupant.

Where did they go, what did they do?

I guess I shall never know.

Met a friend for coffee. At least that was the plan,  but there were no available tables left, so we returned home for a coffee instead. I was disappointed because I wanted a nice piece of cake, and I was going to buy an artisan loaf. I’m pretty fed up with the taste of shall I say “normal” bread. It tastes of nothing.

My mum always said that nothing had the same taste and I’m beginning to agree. Where are those lovely juicy apples?.

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Missing shopping

I managed to order my shopping from Ocado with an early delivery time between 7.30 and 8.30 a.m today. I had made an early slot as I had to attend hospital for a consultation.

An appearance in my pyjamas and dressing gown I didn’t want to consider, so I was up and showered, dressed, ready for my delivery. Cat howling as she didn’t fancy the food that I put out.  “Don’t worry puss your favourite food is coming”. In reality it didn’t quite turn out like that. There was a problem at the distribution centre and the outcome was no food delivered today. Alternative times did not suit so I will have to push my trolley around Waitrose.

I had a horrible day yesterday. Someone had reported I had failed to pick up some dog poo from the garden. This was a lie, but I felt hurt and I worried where all this would lead. Would we have to leave, where would we go.


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A new venture

I have been out walking a couple of times this week, namely to Holkham woods. Peaceful and lovely.  Met a guy with his dog called Eric, who was a smart looking poodle. Well behaved.

My daughter had her birthday last week and I bought some short wellie type boots from Muck. They had a very tempting sale. They were blue polka dots. I am quite tempted to buy myself a pair.

Tuesday was the Beacon cafe morning. Awe inspring cakes. Usual chit chat. I had taken my neighbour and dog Trudy with me. My neighbour has decided to hang her car keys up. She was very sad. Trudy just went to sleep under the table.

Yesterday I went to Asda. Not so busy as is usual,  but I was there early. Bought some new pillows. Mine were so uncomfortable. I couldn’t stand it any more.

Last week I was looking into revamping my Web site, and I was in contact with Carl from Strategically Digital. I have decided to wait a while,  as there are some large bills coming up unfortunately. We were talking generally and I was telling him about my vision of reaching out to the lonely.  He very kindly set up a Facebook page to see if anyone would be interested in joining.  There does seem to be an interest but I just can’t access the page,  so I’m stuck until someone gets in touch.

My new phone arrived and Ade kindly did his thing. All the contacts etc have been safely transferred.

I’m expecting a phone call from my daughter,  as it would seem I’m on doggy sitting duty again.

Sunny day. Arn’t we lucky.

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Passing days

Days pass by in a blur at the moment and I’m sad to say that my life is wasting away it seems too. Still I suffer from this awful breathlessness which I just can’t escape from and I feel pretty fed up. Just walking round the corner is proving a challenge at times. Other times I feel great. The great days are less than the horrible ones.

You would very likely have seen me with my large bucket in the front garden recently, as Trudy has had a funny tummy yet again. I really thought I had nailed it with the introduction of Bella and Duke raw food, but obviously not. I waited a couple of days and then high tailed it to the vet. A quick exam, a few hydrating sachets of granules, ninety pounds later and I returned home. She didn’t move for hours and hours and I did wonder when I checked on her during the night that she was still breathing. She was and appears to be getting better slowly.

I have been lumbered with washing  my daughters clothes whilst her kitchen is  being completed. Along with cooking every Sunday I am hoping that it will be finished very soon, and I look forward to having some gourmet meals down at their house. With all the planning it should be a very workable kitchen. Lots of space to fill up again, because that is what happens isn’t it?

Today cooking again, walk to the shops and another wasted day. I do feel sorry for myself at the moment and I apologise.



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Hospital visit

I was due to attend our local hospital for an X ray this morning. We aimed to arrive early so that parking was not an issue, which it wasn’t.

You can always find something entertaining in the hospital if you look, can’t you. I know that’s an unfortunate turn of phrase but there it is. We were sat in the waiting room waiting to be called, when a young man walked past us. Good looking with one of those awful hospital gowns on with the opening down the back. Nothing on show but the amusing thing was he carried an umbrella. It looked really weird.

I was moved along escorted to a room to remove my top clothes and then I put on the dreaded gown which I did, but I couldn’t do even one of the ties up. I enlisted the help of a very kind young lady who came to my rescue.She had hurt her leg getting off the bus. Simple isn’t it to end up hurt.

Wandered back the long corridor to the exit, calling in at the Pacing Clinic to ask for advise, as I’m still waiting for a phone call for the past ten days. Initially she was a little unhelpful but finally loosened up a bit, and I may have managed to get an earlier appointment.

Chilly overcast day.

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