Falling leaves and quilting

It’s such a beautiful day so I decided Trudy and I would go for a walk.

First dilemma. Should I wear wellies or walking boots. Decided against the wellies as driving is not best achieved wearing wellies. The walking boots then. But a struggle to get them on. The outcome I kept my shoes on.

I arrived at Hocombe (my favourite place), looked at the ground and thought I’ve made a mistake, but it wasn’t as wet as I thought.

Walked through the woods and the leaves were falling all around. It felt like a snow storm but not the right colour. Gorgeous.

Bumped into an elderly gentleman who was walking his daughter’s dogs.  Struck up a conversation.  He said he walked the dogs most days as his daughter, (who used a shed in his garden) was putting the finishing touches to complete the quilts that people had made. That must be so difficult because everyone has their own personal vision as to how it should look.

My daughter turned her hand at quilting,  but haven’t heard much about this enterprise recently.

As soon as you step out the front door and bump into someone have a natter and return home, you immediately feel more alive and positive.

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Remembrance day

An emotional day. All those very brave people past and present. It makes you want to be a better person.

I sat watching the television and I told dad (who is no longer with us) that I was watching it for him. I always look at things once and then sgain so my loved ones can see too. He was an emotional person and I’m sure he would have spent quite a lot of time crying, as did I.

Trudy was picked up for her walk and then went to church. She didn’t go inside but made friends with a dog who was home after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. It’s not just humans who are brave but lots of animals too.

Mind. I have a very brave friend who is fighting cancer for the second time.  What is bravery?


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I feel really guilty for not writing this blog before now, but in truth haven’t had much to write about.

My breathlessness has caused me to retreat even further into my world. Not nice. I desperately want to feel well enough to get out and about and meet others.

I did see the Consultant last week and he reckoned that the pacemaker could do with a tweak, which I had done, and I believe a difference has been made.

I nipped up to the charity shop this morning, but the only thing I came home with were dog toys, that were kiddies toys in a previous life.

Cup of coffee and my day has become more interesting.

How is your Christmas planning going, I haven’t started because I don’t know what to buy. That isn’t strictly true but some things I’ve looked at are too expensive for me.

Received my wedding invite to my grandaughters big day. It is in Mauritius and sadly I feel it’s just too far for me.

Enjoy your day.


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News from our visit to the vet

I’ve still been more or less house bound although I have managed to walk round the corner to our local Tesco store, but I decided it was time to visit the vet with puss. She has been driving me mad, disturbing my peace at night and generally acting strangely.

Very kindly my daughter stepped up to the plate and took me,puss and Trudy for our visit.

Walked in to see a westie very happily sitting in a doggy pushchair. The dog was elderly so was unable to walk far. As his family wanted to go walking they bought him a pushchair. Even “daddy” pushed the chair.

Next was a mummy pug with one tiny tiny puppy. The puppy that was bought in was the only one who survived. Such a sad outcome.

They think puss might have thyroid problems so she had to donate some blood which she wasn’t too happy about, and we are now waiting for the results.

Early evening I received unexpected sad news.  My long time ex partner has died and although we had parted many years ago I felt so sad. He was a lot younger than me so he left us much earlier than I would have liked, and I fear he was on his own. His wife had left him and returned to the UK.

Sleep was difficult for me.

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I seemed to spend much of last night tossing and turning, and then the endless trivia that seemed to be on a supermarket belt running through my mind endlessly, which has prompted me to write this blog.

My irritations are too long to write about, but my favourite ones are people who are unkind. Being let down. Delivery men who ring every bell to try and get someone to let them in the flats. As there are not so many of us in during the week day, it falls to a select few.

Ringing for advice be it for an animal or human to be asked what is wrong. I know we do have a vague idea, but surely that’s why we are ringing in the first place.

Picking up the phone to discover a dead line.

Tell me your niggles.

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Upside down

I haven’t posted for a while because much of my day is spent cocooned inside the flat, because of this breathless feeling. One thing I’ve learned is when you feel okay do everything you can then.

Case in point I was expecting friends for coffee. Ocado delayed no milk. What to do? Felt too unwell to go to Tesco. I would just have to own up, and send them round for the milk.

Lucky me they had already had coffee.

Tuesday spent the morning at the Beacon. Social chitchat. Had a talk from Tony who started the Courage Foundation offering very special trips to those kids who are hurting following a bereavement. It seems to be going well I’m pleased to say.

A days outing yesterday. A trip to the hospital and then to Tesco. I actually made it. So sad to think I was pleased that I had made it.

Check out girls are so lovely and helpful but realised I must be old when they started calling me “darling”

However the point of this blog was the upside down bit.

Woke up feeling the need to go to the bathroom. Hopped back into bed. Looked at the clock 12 o’clock, but I became aware of traffic noise. Unusual the amount of traffic passing in front of the flat.  Put the light on and discovered I had placed the clock upside down and in fact it was 6 o’clock. Batty old buddy.

Enjoy the weekend.

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