Candover  Clinic Basingstoke, cardiac angiogram

The day finally arrived for my angiogram and it turns out the most difficult part was finding our way into the correct place and, yes you’ve guessed it, getting out again.

We were met by a member of the housekeeping team and showed the room. Very clean and all amenities as you would expect even down to a safe for your valuables. No I didn’t have any valuables either on me or at home. My daughter had the day off and came with me. Mr Kelly  the consultant was lovely and before long I was back in my room.

Unhappily following the procedure I had an attack of Atrial Fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat) which was unfortunate but I reckoned I couldn’t be in better hands. They kept a close eye on me following my return to the ward. To plug the hole in my wrist they put what looks like a bracelet and screw it up so the  blood is stopped. How clever is that!

Feel a bit worse for wear today but I shall just take it easy. My daughter has walked the dog for me so all is well in my world right now.

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