Ops and things

My daughter had a hysterectomy this week and she was home next day. That is so difficult for me to comprehend as I was hospitalised for almost two weeks if my memory serves me well. Just shows how far we have come.

The things I have put in the title refers to my puss cat being put to sleep. Has anyone any idea how expensive it is to do this out of hours (must tell all animals to die during opening hours) – exorbitant.  What happens if you have no money? I was quoted from £380 to £122.

Most vets insist on a consultation, some having the audacity to charge in the hundreds. I made it clear that I had been to the vets a few days earlier and it was very much a last ditch attempt to help her which unfortunately failed, plus she was over 18. A good age I think. Went to a vets in Winchester who were very understanding and the deed was done.

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