Have a good weekend!

On Friday I was taking part in the great Macmillan coffee morning as indeed were millions of others! I went up to Kelly’s Cafe on Hiltingbury Road. It was very busy, with lots of cakes, good raffle prizes and ‘guess the number of spots on the cake’. Caught up with lots of old friends.

What a morning it was on Saturday, pouring with rain, but with the added bonus of two rainbows. I can remember being most upset to be told we wouldn’t find a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. It’s like being told there is no Father Christmas but that’s nonsense isn’t it, of course there is a Father Christmas…!!!

On a more sombre note, one of the regular dog walkers had been burgled. He and his wife lost various items that were irreplaceable to them. There have been quite a number of burglaries in the Chandlers Ford area within the past week, so people please lock up and take care.

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1 Response to Have a good weekend!

  1. A quick update about the rainbow and how we were hoping to find that pot of gold – well we found something! I had a small win on the lottery as did a friend. Could it be true that there is a pot of gold?!!


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