Clarks College, Southampton

Here’s a treat for you!school

This photo was taken outside my house in Southampton. I remember the photographer calling and I believe it was then tinted by hand, the results you can see for yourself.

I am wearing the school uniform for Clark’s College, a secretarial school I attended from 1952/53 onward. Clark’s College was next to St Anne’s in The Avenue, Southampton –  I wasn’t clever enough to go to St Anne’s although I do remember the nuns taking me into a room to take the exam.

As a student I swam for the school in The Lido in Southampton, which I believe is now buried under West Quay somewhere. I had to dive into the water which I hated, so it was a mixture of trying to jump in along with a sort of dive. We also played netball  in the paddling pool next to The Cowherds in The Avenue.

My least favourite lesson was art because I was useless, and always hoped to sit next to a girl called June Cull because she could draw!

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2 Responses to Clarks College, Southampton

  1. Maria Daniels says:

    What a gorgeous photo! Thank you for sharing it!


  2. Wendy,

    Such a beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing. The photo was tinted by hand! Very interesting. I didn’t realise you were a swimmer. Have you explored local sports facilities yet? You have created a beautiful blog – you are very creative, and I feel that your blog is also a form of ‘art’. Keep it up!


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