Earlier this week it was my befriending day when I visit an elderly lady. She is in her eighties but is a bit forgetful.  We talked this week about her earlier life. She says she remembers there being camps in Chandlers Ford, housing refugees and soldiers.

There were air raid shelters by the side of the road in case of air raids, but, she explained, they felt quite intimidating. Her mum was overprotective, hustling  the family into the shelter all the time. Her dad worked away, and, as transport was very difficult, once you arrived at work there you stayed.  Hence the over protective mum, looking after her chicks as best she could.

She is amazing, and far more mobile than myself. I find it quite amusing that when I’m about to leave, she walks to the door to ensure I safely make it down to the floor below. Who’s looking out for whom I wonder!

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