I must admit I woke up really early, which I would imagine was because of the consultation with the mole specialist. It is a basal cell carcinoma, which will have to be removed at some later date. Because I am taking anticoagulants it is likely that I will be sent to Andover.  Taking the anticoagulants is necessary but when I’m told I have to have a minor op it is such a hassle and worry. Due to the risk of bleeding you have to stop taking the medication for a while and that increases the risk of strokes.

However the day did improve.  My daughter and I went to Winchester and treated ourselves to a cup of hot chocolate and a toasted teacake – lovely. Both our mobiles needed attention so off we set. Nearly one and a half hours later we were  still at the phone shop and I was less than pleased. There were no problems with the staff but those chairs they provide to sit on – well! You would probably need to be a size 12 and be able to do a running jump to actually sit on them. The only people who thought they were entertaining were a couple of children who twirled them round and round. Come on shops, do something better for us! In the end I left my daughter and the phones and walked back to the car. I was so glad to sit on something comfortable.

The evening saw us attending St Martins in the Woods for an evening where exhibitors displaying their ethically sourced goods, from clothes to Christmas pud. I bought a pair of socks made from bamboo. There was wine and tea and coffee to choose from. A friendly crowd and a pleasant evening. There is a barn dance being held there on Saturday evening. Do you remember the Gay Gordon?  Lots of us did – just wish I had the energy to get up and strut my stuff. Oh well!

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