I felt quite out of sorts today. Usual walk with friends and dogs, although I didn’t wear my amazing walking shoes I found in the charity shop. Leather and waterproof just what I needed and I could get them on without help. Boots and shoes are difficult for me without help but I managed it. You know how it goes the boots could possibly be a little larger but the next size up would be too big, so you just hope that they will stretch a bit and prove to be just what the doctor ordered. We buy our goods from the charity shop with a small discount applied.

You remember that on  Friday I told you I had to go for a mole check up, but what I didn’t mention was the fact that I had to virtually strip. Stupid thoughts in my head like good job I had a shower which was nonsense cos I have one every morning before dog walking, but I did not manage to be wearing matching bra and knickers! Don’t know if I have much matching to be honest.

I hope you all had a good weekend. By the way my grandson played in a gig in Southampton on Sunday. Hope it went well Matt and fellow band players.

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1 Response to Sunday

  1. Maria Daniels says:

    Sorry you felt out of sorts today. Hopefully tomorrow will be brighter and you will feel more perky! As for matching underwear – I never have quite been able to manage that!!


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