Love and other things…

I bought this little book ‘God Bless Love’ for my mum so so long ago. It was published back in 1972 and is a collection of children’s drawings and sayings about love, in their own handwriting. My mum was really pleased, and I think it is a lovely book even in today’s times. So refreshing. It is still available second-hand from Amazon.

My day started well. I bought a very large bag of bird food for the birds to last through the winter months from a shop that was selling things off cheaply. They kindly put it in my car and that’s when I realised I had a problem – there was no way I could lift it out! I was talking about my predicament whilst out walking, and a knight in shining armour agreed to come home with me and lift it out of the car. I was so grateful.

Moan time again – fireworks. I am sick of hearing the loud bangs that are already making themselves heard. I myself wouldn’t be too concerned, but a lot of animals are terrified of the noises. I’m not a party pooper, but really it starts now and goes on pretty much to New Year’s Eve.

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