Half term

Half term was a strange week but for me much quieter. The road is considerably quieter when the children are off school and walking is more pleasurable and relaxed when I don’t have to think about being out of the way when children start arriving.

An unusual event was having to pluck a partridge I had given me. I would rather it were flying around happily but it felt even more cruel to dispose of it in a bin. When I was younger we thought nothing of it, getting soft in my old age.

Who remembers the empty pop bottles that we returned in order to get some money back on them – but I can’t remember where we returned them to. Can anyone tell me?

Out walking this morning lots of rocket sticks and evidently these used to be gathered up but for what purpose who knows!

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1 Response to Half term

  1. Maria Daniels says:

    Oh gosh I don’t envy you the plucking!! I hope it was worth it!


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