Bradbeers, Romsey

bradbeersI had a change of scenery last week with a trip to Romsey. It is such a charming old market town, and how nice it was to see a department store like Bradbeers. A shop where you can buy most things, from knitting to shoes to other endless possibilities.

I went up to the second floor, and then help! I couldn’t get on the escalator to go down – but I only discovered I couldn’t go down after my daughter had already gone down. Back up she came, and then we walked to the lift.  What a nightmare and quite embarrassing, but people were good-natured about it. It can be a real problem when the legs don’t do what you want them to do.

We had a final cup of coffee and then came back home. It was a wonderful warm day, and it was a pleasure to be alive.

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3 Responses to Bradbeers, Romsey

  1. Norma Wallis says:

    Hi Wendy

    I was very interested to hear about the lift at Bradbeers at Romsey as their site doesn’t mention one there. It is 7 weeks since my second hip replacement and my daughter and I have discussed going shopping there but I still need crutches or a rollator.

    I also moved to this area (Totton) 19 months ago but have not been able to get out without family help since then due to my hip problems to meet others so admire you for starting your own website and blog.


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