Poppy the dog

I thought this was an appropriately titled post for 11th November…

poppy-dogThis is Poppy, who lives with her owner in Bishopstoke. I met Poppy and her owner through a post on Streetlife.  Following my relocation to Chandlers Ford and after trying a few pastimes none of which seemed to suit me, I happened to come across the post.  She was asking for a walking partner and described her dog as well behaved and laid back. Seemed just the thing. I contacted her and explained that Lou was a bit scatty but well tempered. I also told her I could not walk for miles and miles.  We met up and have been meeting regularly for almost four years although our get-togethers have changed. Poppy and I are four years older so we are not as fit as we were.

Thank you Streetlife.

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2 Responses to Poppy the dog

  1. Heard from poppy’ s owner she has had a stroke. The vet has administered a couple of injections. At this point in time she is blind and it seems she will not regain her eyesight. Updates as and when I have any newd


  2. Maria Daniels says:

    Street life sounds great and Poppy looks adorable. I’m so sorry about her stroke. Maybe with time her eyesight will improve….?


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