Remembrance and grieving

From approximately 6.15pm on Sunday I seem to have been seeing the world through a mist. I was watching Countryfile in memory of those who have died past and present. It was awe-inspiring, from those who were cycling through France and then on to the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

I was particularly touched by one of the flower gardens where they showed the colour of roses to help the grieving process. I spent much of yesterday trying to find the answer to the coloured roses,  thinking that if memory served me right it was a red rose for the first feeling of anger, then comes a mauve one for despair followed by another colour rose which I couldn’t remember and finally ending with a white or yellow rose for acceptance and looking forward.

I ended up ringing the Arboretum and leaving a message, and I am delighted to report that this morning they rang me back with the answer:

Red for anger
Purple for despair
Gentler pastel colours for acceptance
Yellow for happy memories.

I was so pleased that they rang, and I think this is a lovely idea for a remembrance garden.

Here is a bit more information on this particular garden:

The War Widows’ Rose Garden is dedicated to the great ladies who have endured much hardship with the loss of their husbands in war.
Planting in this garden reflects the stages of grief beginning with red for anger, purple for despair, pastels for acceptance and yellow for memories. A fountain is in the centre of the four sections making up this beautiful area.
A memorial plaque shows a map of the world showing the war graves throughout the world, along with the inscription:
“Dedicated to the courage of all War Widows.”

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  1. Eileen Porter says:

    Hi Wendy Nothing to do with this post, my phone is busted, will explain when we meet. Have lost your email address, can you email me so we can arrange a coffee meet

    Eileen Sent from my iPad



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