That was the week that was…

It was a varied week, which is always nice.  Usual stuff first of all, but then out to Brambridge Garden Centre. The wonderful smells hit you as soon as you walk in, and you have to have a look see, and a few dabs on the wrist. I was really looking for a Christmas tree real or false. I bought a real one last year but unfortunately it died. I’m still looking! Haven’t decided but I’m leaning towards a real one. Had a hot chocolate and then home. So busy there with people chatting, eating, and just being themselves.

I visited my ‘Good Neighbours’ lady, who was very excited as she was going out for Christmas lunch.

The end of the week saw me cooking spaghetti bolognese for my family. I cooked it in the slow cooker with a splash of port – very tasty!

The charity shop was busy. lots of lovely bits and pieces. Lots of singing going on as the Manageress was off on holiday! She has a very pleasant voice, so when she is away no one need be worried that it is a racket. The customers seem to enjoy it anyway.

My lovely lady who walks Lou for me on Sunday couldn’t walk this week as she was going out with her husband. (How dare she – only joking!) so Lou and I went to Hocombe Mead.  It was so lovely with all the leaves down and that autumn smell. I just wish I had a child or two with me that I could cover with leaves -I tried it with Lou she wasn’t impressed.

When I returned  home I had a hot milk with a mince pie – I am addicted to mince pies so any excuse! By the time Christmas comes I’m sick of them. I settled down in my chair to talk to my friend who is having chemo. She was very positive, the only thing that seems to have upset her was her lack of hair.  She was hoping it would grow back for Christmas and it is. She was even going to go to the hairdresser for a tidy up. The next problem is she’s getting more hair on her face and hands.  She tells me that’s it her fuzzy face but she was certain her daughter would soon sort the fuzz.

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1 Response to That was the week that was…

  1. Maria Daniels says:

    Sorry I couldn’t walk Lou but so glad you had a lovely walk at Hocombe Mead! Jon and I managed to get lots of Christmas shopping done – so a very successful day. I totally agree about mince pies.They’re my favourite but extremely naughty!!


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