Blustery day

It’s a Pooh day outside with very fresh winds, blustery you might say. Lovely walk, dogs very excited. Wind, frosty conditions and snow seem to drive them scatty. We were nattering, as you do, and one of my fellow walkers was telling me a story about her granddaughter who appears to have a beau. She has been approached by  a young man but she told him in all seriousness that at eight  years old she felt she couldn’t connect with him. Marvellous!

On a sad note Poppy the dog was put to sleep on Monday after suffering from another stroke. Her owner is finding it difficult to come to terms with her loss. Animals are amazing, but when you lose them it feels as if a piece of you is missing.  I have had a few dogs in my lifetime and it never gets easier. You think see them sitting in their favourite place, see their blankets and toys, it is horrible when you realise they are not there.

I also spent some time yesterday reading aloud to people – it was very therapeutic both to me and them.

I’m off  to see a neuro-physiotherapist this afternoon to see what he thinks is wrong with my leg. I don’t hold out much hope to be honest… I’ve been to see so many people over the past years, but at least it’s local to me. Most of the time I’m sent all over the place.

Have a wonderful “Pooh” day.




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