December 1st

How do you feel now that December has arrived?  Does it fill you with dread and you go into a meltdown. Money looking a bit scarce?

I have  a small family so present buying is not an issue, although I don’t go overboard and buy  them expensive gifts, just thoughtful ones. They have more than enough without me adding to the over indulgence. I don’t understand why we have to keep spending. I must be Scrooge!

If I could give anyone advice I would say hang on to your friends for as long as you can and embrace your family, although I know that isn’t easy. I have had many people pass through my life. Some I must admit I don’t miss, but others I certainly do.

What conjures up Christmas for you? Is it the Waitrose advertisement, or frost on the grass  or a robin? My favourite is the Coca Cola advertisement which doesn’t seem to have changed over the years.

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