I wanted to share a lovely story I was told recently about a young 80 year old man. He lost his wife of many years and felt utterly bereft. He was then re-acquainted with a friend who had lost her husband, and you can guess the end, happy ever after, but not before a certain amount of heart searching.

He became fixated and started acting like an 18 year old, declaring his love for her. She was playing her cards close to her chest, but finally conceded that she loved him too. The only problem was that she lived up north and she didn’t think it was seemly that she stayed in his house with him until after they were married. So a kindly friend offered the lady in question her spare room when she came down. There was an intense period of sorting out the spare room (which took several days), but then, wham, she didn’t show up.

After much subsequent discussion between the lovebirds she eventually agreed that she would stay with him under his roof without that ring on her finger. What a charming, old fashioned but lovely story!

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