Had a coffee and cake, of course with friends, and we were nattering away when I overheard someone asking if the person sitting next to me had a day off from being a carer. This lady was looking after her mum. Her reply was that it was an honour to look after her and that she was still with her. I was lost for words. I thought I was a caring sort of person but this lady was so sincere in her beliefs. I thought of my mum, how I wish she was still here. She died at the General Hospital in the year of the hurricane 1987. She always insisted she suffered from insomnia, but she didn’t hear a thing when the hurricane struck. Dad, who loved her very much, couldn’t go to the hospital, he then just gave up. Be generous to your mum and all the family you hold dear.


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  1. Wendy, it’s a very sweet story about love. I’m also moved to read that the lady said it’s an honour to look after her mum. They have this loving relationship, and she is caring. Unfortunately, some people don’t have such a bond within a family, or some relationships break down. Thank you Wendy for sharing positivity in your daily encounters.


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