I am described as an early bird compared to a night owl which means that by early afternoon I’m wilting, so I often take myself off to bed for a rest. I laid down  this particular afternoon and could feel myself drifting off, and then I felt shivers running up and down my spine. Not what you think. I found the cat sitting on my head and her breath was blowing into my ear. Do you have a cat?. They are certainly independent. The amount of food I buy only to give it to the dog  is obscene but lou will eat anything.  No matter what the cat eats the day before, nine times out of ten she won’t eat it the next. As I’m writing this she is squawking,  a good description, even though she has cat soup, and coley to choose from. My local vet has set up a basket to allow customers to contribute food to animals living in shelters, and she confirmed that a lot of contributions were from cat owners because their cats were finicky. I’m not the only one who obviously spoils their cat. If you have any unwanted food The Village Vets in Chandlers Ford will be pleased to see you.

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