That Monday feeling

Up and out in the dark it felt as if it was much earlier than half past seven. Dogs walking round with those flashing identity tags so they glow like fairy lights out on their walk, and it started to spit with rain.

When I got home I decided I would pop to Tesco’s for a few bits before the delivery men came with my new fridge freezer. What a time to have to buy a new one and it was much worse because it was an integrated one. However after an hour I took lou out for a quick walk and then off to collect the Christmas tree only to discover they had shut up shop, and it had that air of abandonment, so haven’t got a tree after all Really can’t face going out again today.

Final straw the smoke alarm kept going off, obviously a new battery needed, but couldn’t reach the alarm to get the battery out. I hate feeling useless but finally sorted.

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2 Responses to That Monday feeling

  1. Wendy, hope the rest of your week is more relaxing. The high-pitch beeping noise from smoke alarms is the most annoying. Tell us more about your Christmas tree once you’ve finally got it and decorated it. I haven’t seen flashing identity tags before, but I’ve seen a few local dogs wearing Santa costume (red and white), and lovely warm costumes. Luckily I have a cat, who won’t appreciate getting dressed up.


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