Christmas tree home

Have just staggered in and flopped in a chair.Exhausting out there.

Good news the Christmas tree seller was in his usual pitch so I picked my tree up. Front seat pushed back and in it slid. The main trunk looked a little worse for wear (a bit like me) but he said it hadn’t been watered for a while. I think his Christmas spirit was flagging,Certainly towards Christmas trees.

Off to Hendy Ford as I couldn’t open the petrol cap. Difficult if you need petrol. Interesting.I was talking to the male dog walkers who were sure it was me. Turns out they were wrong -they have to order a new petrol cap. Why is it that men find it hard to believe females sometimes do know best?

Drove to Hocombe Mead for a quick walk watching squirrels chasing around. Fortunately Lou missed all that otherwise I would be trying to catch her. She loves squirrel chasing.

If I can I’ll post some pictures of tree and lights, once it’s in situ and had a large drink.

So miserable again today but I wish you all a happy Tuesday.

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1 Response to Christmas tree home

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Yes, show us your tree! I found there are 2 open places in Chandler’s Ford where you could buy Christmas trees. What lights are you going to use? I bought some lights locally too this year. They make me feel dizzy sometimes. I stopped buying a new tree a few years ago as I found the trees are getting expensive each year. Now we use a ‘fake’ tree (sorry!). I must say a real tree is so much better. Hocombe Mead is a joy and I hope the board walks will be replaced soon.


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