Mad Saturday

Christmas Eve and everyone seems to be going mad again. Shops full to bursting, shelves half empty and tempers frayed, but I miss all of that.

When the children and grandchildren arrived for the holidays I was only too happy to be standing in a queue buying the last minute bits and pieces but now there is only Lou, Aura and myself to worry about.I consider myself lucky that I’m going out for Christmas day and Boxing day, but I still come back to an empty space. Just imagine how you would feel if you didn’t even get out and no-one but no-one came to see you. I know most of us want to change someone’s life for the better, perhaps we should try harder next year. Even though I’m lucky to be going out, I’m still fundamentally a one person family. Family,although most of the time drive us mad,that’s what binds us together.

Make that call, be kind and make 2017 great.

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