Christmas day

I’m writing this blog on Boxing Day. Did you enjoy the “big” day.
I had a calm and peaceful one. I hope you did too. Lou opened her presents first. One from Natalie the dog walker (treats) she knows the way to Lou’s heart, and a lovely Robin toy from the kind lady from The Cinnamon Trust who walks Lou for me. Being an adult I packed mine up and put them in the car to go to the family and open them all together.

Not so many but that’s okay.

Collected my daughter and off for our walk around Hocombe Mead.
Peaceful and quiet just how I like it, but in sharp contrast to our first walk of the day. Lots of familiar faces and dogs and those I hadn’t seen before stretching their legs before their dinners. There is a lovely man who has been known to hand out homemade cocktails from a silver hip flask, but he was unable to bring the flask and tot glass, because one of his dogs was having to walk on a lead,so he couldn’t manage the booze. We were all disappointed but we all went home with a chocolate reindeer provided by another regular walker.

Lunch was lovely. Had a very small glass of bubbly. Then came the opening of the presents I did very well, calendar, pen, perfume and from my grandson some socks. Just the ticket, and mustn’t forget the chockies and a hamper which contained home made goodies which were lovely. It does remind me of the time I packed a hamper for my mum and dad all those years ago.

Favourite part of the afternoon watching Dory, and then home. Was going to pour a glass of bubbly for myself, but no corkscrew and no one in the flats, so went without. Disastrous darling.

I hope you had a peaceful and happy Christmas day.

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