Gorgeous morning, cold but wonderful sunrise.

The only thing I hate is scrapping my car off. I enjoy being out in the cold but thawing out the car is horrible. Freezing cold hands,because if I wear my gloves I manage to get the de-icer all over the gloves,which then stink.

Bright sun and a red streaky sky. Met up with my friends,one of whom is leaving our cold shores to visit her daughter and grandchildren in Brisbane Australia. She was walking her dogs before they left to spend the time with friends of hers. The two little dogs do enjoy a wonderful life. They eat barbecued chicken, so to make life easier for the pet sitters, they have barbecued enough chickens to put in the freezer until needed.

I am quite envious but when I realise the time that was going to take to get to Australia it really put me off. This is the first time she has visited her family, so my best wishes for a safe journey and a wonderful holiday go with her.

Her dogs I’m sure will settle in.

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