Last day of 2016

What did you do today?. Usual doggy walk with some friends. Uppermost in our thoughts was of course the delights of New Years Eve with some amusing insights. Some ladies felt that wearing trackie bottoms,taking off your bra, reclining on a sofa with a glass of wine was just the ticket. Not for me though. I was wondering when I should give lou her sedative pills (prescribed by the vet) because the fireworks terrify her.

I wandered up to the charity shop for my shift. Quiet but guess what I saw. An Aladin’s lamp coloured blue with gold coloured embellishment.

I couldn’t wait to rub it and have a wish. What would you wish for?
I can’t tell you what I wished for but hope it comes true. We all pretended to rub the lamp, and by the time we had handed it round, expected to see a genie asking “what is your wish. You have three to choose from”.If only!

May I wish you all a Happy,healthy New Year from Lou and I.

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2 Responses to Last day of 2016

  1. Happy new year to you – Wendy and Lou. Shops have started selling Easter eggs and it’s still the first week of January! The Aladdin’s lamp sounds wonderful!!! It’s amazing what people donate to charity shops.


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