New year, new you?

At this time of the year we are bombarded with holidays, healthy eating and New Year Resolutions.

When I trained to be a life coach with Powerchange, Andrew Sercombe, who was the man behind the name, and himself a fully qualified coach, told the most amazing stories and this one stayed in my mind. Basically we travel around with many pockets filled with useless things, so how can we change ourselves for the better. Gradually empty those pockets of all the worthless thoughts we hold on to and move forward with lighter pockets and a lighter life. No hangups. Can I do this or that. Should I do this or should I let it go. It’s up to us my friends.

Gosh it’s been cold. De-icing the car again but then I had a brainwave yesterday, (it has only taken me two years to figure it out) cover the windscreen. So easy isn’t it. Does anyone suffer from chilblains these days. You used to hear about a lot of people who suffered from them. I used to work with a lady who married and came to England to live. The only problem for her was she arrived during our winter and she hailed from Jamaica.

I enjoyed our coffee and cake meeting at the Beacon today. The church let’s out rooms for yoga classes etc and they often join us after their class is finished,for a cup of tea/coffee and scrumptious cake if they wish. Today one of the Beacon regulars (ages in the region of 70) said I expect they’ve been doing judo. We pointed out it was likely to be yoga, but we all enjoyed the laugh.

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