Sore and tired

Went to the hospital to have the lump removed. Managed to find the last disabled parking spot which was great.

Off to Out Patients. Huge waiting room mostly empty. Settled back to wait but we didn’t have to wait long, until I heard my name called. Off we went. Decided that I needed the toilet again, but put it down to nerves. Doctor Who was to perform the removal very pleasant as was the nurse, who kindly offered her hand to hold should I need to.

Injections as described on the hospital admission letter was unpleasant, but felt nothing of the removal of the lump.

At some point it sounded as though something was being scraped but no pain. One of the most unpleasant points of the procedure was the smell of burning where they caurterize the blood vessels, then all sewn up, spray plaster administerrd.Literally it was sprayed on and hey presto a plaster appears.

Felt wobbly on my pins for a while, but returned to my home,pleased that it was over.

Tired today as it was painful during the night. Worst part no shower for a couple of days, and I can’t get in the bath anymore so basin full of smelly water and then an all over wash.

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2 Responses to Sore and tired

  1. jools_crouch says:

    I’m impressed that Doctor Who performed your surgery, I thought he was more into time travel…! J

    Sending healing thoughts, Julie


  2. Glad the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver worked wonder! Glad the procedures went well (and I have faith with our NHS system) and hope you recover soon.


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