The white stuff


Is this a snowy sky?

Are you prepared? When I hear the word snow I go into meltdown. Off to do the weeks shopping (a bit like Christmas). Have to buy grips for my boots so I don’t go head over heels. Can think of a better description but decided perhaps it’s not appropriate.

The white stuff is however wonderful. Clean and covers everything so that the landscape is pristine. No ugly rubbish on the ground, and of course we can’t forget kids and dogs. Spoken to several parents who tell me that their kids are so excited.They can’t wait to get the sledge out Do you think I can get lou to pull a sledge with me sat on it?. Guess I would need more than one ‘lou’.

Had a meeting earlier in the week with a lady whose name is also Wendy,who is also hoping to make a difference. By difference I mean how we tackle loneliness. She has a particular interest in young mums with babies. Spent a couple of hours talking things through and hope to get things moving shortly.

If you have any suggestions please contact me.

Be careful if and when the white stuff arrives.

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