Today a happy day

Who says Doctors waiting rooms are boring. Went to have my stitches out and bumped into a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for ages. She gave me a huge hug she smelt lovely. I commented and next the bottle was in my hands with strict instructions to have a spray. I was careful where I sprayed. Didn’t fancy spraying my stitches, and we settled down for a chat. They were running late, so plenty of time to catch up. She runs a company called Chocolate Muffin Publishing which helps people write a book which is then published.

Waitrose is undergoing a complete revamp and it does sound very exciting.

To complete my day my boots arrived, which I had ordered when snow and ice were forecast, so I didn’t slip. They have something on the sole which you flip out and hey presto ice picks.

Of course the snow and ice have vanished but they will be useful for later.

I have even managed to contact a friend I was worried about. Good old Monday.

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