Each and everyone of us dreams including animals. You will suddenly hear that strange noise that dogs make and see their legs tremble. What are they dreaming of you might ask.

I had a wonderful dream the other night. Some of my dreams can be on the dark side due to the medication I take but this dream was wonderful. A friend was having a sale. Lots of table lamps (all the same colour) masses of rings, and then loads of ornaments in differing shades of pink. I had arrived at the sale in an old landrover which I actually used to own. All items were 40 pence I stood up and suggested we take a break and return later when I would pay for everything then. It was a strange dream but lovely and when I woke I wanted to return to that place. The bed was warm and I was relaxed and happy, but I couldn’t find my way back.

One of our regular walkers keeps dreaming of Kylie and if he arrives a little late for his walk, we joke that he’s been dreaming of Kylie.

Do you often wish to be able to return to your dreams and wonder what they mean.

I know there are sites for dream interpretation but I haven’t looked my dream up, don’t think I want to know.

Sleep well and dream well.

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