Chilly thursday

Quite an interesting week. Received an e mail from a friend who went to Australia to visit her daughter and family. It was very hot ranging from 25 degrees to the mid 40’s. I’m guessing she is looking forward to some cooler temperatures. She is on the plane as we speak. I’m always amazed and thrilled that she sent us a message. My mind still can’t grasp the idea that it is possible to send a message from so far away, and to receive it almost instantaneously.

Visited my hairdressers this morning and have decided to have some hair extensions put in next time. Pale pink which should look nice in amongst my white hair.I’ve been told they are not too difficult to maintain. I won’t be having long tresses although I would love long hair.

Had my lunch at St Martins in the Wood today. They provide home cooked food at the end of each month for whoever turns up, and all for the princely sum of £7.50 for main course and pudding. I had chicken curry with trimmings and a fruit crumble with custard. There were about five choices for mains and puddings. Very nice.

For those of you who remember my blog about the elderly gentleman who had found love a second time around, I met him today. Delightful. He has presented his bride to be with an amethyst ring, as she loves mauve.Lucky lady.

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