New flat

Visited a friend who has moved into her new flat. Very nice,two bedrooms, kitchen etc but with the added bonus of a balcony. As she is unlikely to be going out on her own the balcony gives her the opportunity to sit in the sun and invest in some people watching. Nothing beats people watching does it. We learn a lot from people just by watching, that is when we take the time to stop and look.

I really feel that people can tell what time it is when I walk towards my car for our first morning walk, but perhaps I’m kidding myself because really no-one cares.

The only sad thing is my friend’s cat is very poorly, and she is trying to reconcile that perhaps it’s time she let the cat go. As she is elderly it’s should I get another one or not. Quite a decision to be made, but with the support of her family and vet, the right decision will be made I’m sure.

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