During my early career I worked in a bank. I lived in a small market town (at that time) and we had two banks of the same name. I started in the smaller of the two. It had a wonderful old door and there was even an old house buried in the back garden. The bank was ultimately sold and became a wine bar, but I’m pleased to say they still retained that wonderful old door.

I was moved into the larger branch, along with the rest of the staff That was and still is, a wonderful old building.

As in most jobs I was asked to retrain as a cashier which I hated.Along with cashiering of course came huge bunches of keys. I found even trying to open the safe challenging and when the Inspectors arrived to go through the whole of the bank with a fine tooth comb it was a nightmare. Those were the days when Inspectors ruled the roost and everyone was very afraid. The fact I couldn’t most times open the safe was a definite black mark. Gosh we had some very good times in that branch. Putting the retiring manager in a shopping trolley and charging up and down the street. We were of course quite merry.

There were over 90 staff. Good days.

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