Round table and Ladies Circle

When I was first married and lived in Sussex it was generally thought a good idea to be a member of the Round Table (if you were a man) and Ladies Circle for us ladies.

The group were very active in raising money for charitable causes.We made floats for the carnival and entered, even winning first prize on one occasion. It was great fun, and even better was the barbecue after the carnival was over. We always had it in a large garden, it needed to be large as there were quite a few of us. The children had a wet water slide made from large sheets of black polythene and the water was run down it. No children were hurt but one man a little worse for wear was showing off threw himself down the slide and cracked a couple of ribs.

Christmas was spent taking Santa Clause round the town handing out sweets.

The ladies were less energetic but provided support and the catering. We had so many lovely cooks. Marvellous cakes,and delicious goodies.

It was the ladies who introduced me to the American supper where you go from house to house eating all the way. Fun aside we did raise a lot of money and in the process had a great time.

I still keep in touch with some of those ladies.

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