Feeling warmer

How are you feeling after the cold snap. I’m just beginning to get warm.

Lou the dog had an appointment with the dog groomer on Friday. Not the right time at all for a trim, but she seems okay.Groomers seem to have so much work you have to go with the flow.

Went to the charity shop on Saturday. So cold. We do have portable heaters but nothing compares to all round warmth. I borrowed a scarf and got on with pricing up articles that had been donated. Clowns seemed to be the order of the day- Clowns of every description. I found them quite spooky. We were very busy and we enjoyed lots of good fun and laughter, so the cold wasn’t so noticeable

There were also two Ladybird books entitled how to be a good wife, and how to be a good husband. I found that strange.

Returned home to my flat which was not particularly warm,as I only have storage heaters,which didn’t seem to be very effective against that intense cold. Couldn’t get warm. Should have run a bath but not sure if I could get in or out.Stupidly I forgot that just a phone call would have bought my daughter to my aid. I spend so much time being independent that I forgot to ask for help when I needed it. How silly.

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2 Responses to Feeling warmer

  1. jools_crouch says:

    I know how you feel – our boiler died on Saturday morning! We’ve stayed warm with electric radiators borrowed from friends, but according to the engineer who came out today we’ll be without it for another couple of days at least whilst they wait for the replacement part.


  2. What an unfortunate time for you. Retire to bed I guess with a hot water bottle. I did that but it wasn’t too successful still felt cold.


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