I was looking at Chandlers Ford Today and I noticed that there was an offer to attend an eight week course in Mindfullness for those suffering from cancer. This service was being offered by Wessex Cancer Trust, and was free. I phoned and talked to the tutor but as I had missed two sessions it was decided that there would be too much to catch up, so regrettably I had to abandon the idea for now.

The course provides individuals with the tools to help them manage their condition by practicing yoga and meditation to name a few.

What a wonderful idea and I told my friend who is also a cancer sufferer, but who lives in Sussex about this initiative. She hadn’t heard of Mindfullness, but was going to see if there was something on offer in the Sussex area. I do so hope so, in fact it would be great if all those who needed this service, could access it.

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  1. The library run courses occasionally, and they are available on Eventbrite as well, not for cancer-sufferers specifically though.


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