Pippa’s canine creche

When I first retired I felt lost for quite sometime and decided I needed to do some work. A few friends had decided to do house cleaning, but I decided I would try something different. At the time which was nearly twenty years ago, dog sitting and walking was in its infancy so I decided to do it. The business was called Pippa after a very special cairn terrier. I do love cairns. Spunky and independent.

I had a variety of dogs, golden retrievers, dachshund, mixed breeds and Norfolk terriers whose names were Hector and Duncan. Even after all these years I remember those two. I also looked after them when there owners went on holiday.

It was unfortunate that following an incident with an owner, bad time keeping I gave up, but I still miss the enjoyment they gave me.

To look after animals in your own home it is best if possible to have a separate sitting room for the animals I decided.

Years have passed by and I can no longer offer that service perhaps someone would offer me a day care scenario. Lots of good food, regular walks, lots of company.

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