Lou’s recovery

I am so happy to say that Lou is on the mend,even going out for a short walk even yesterday when the heavens opened. The only good thing was that when we returned home dripping wet, I didn’t have to do so much drying, as her tummy is completely devoid of fur where she had been shaved for the scan.

She has had x rays and a scan. X ray showed some lumps which the vets were not happy with, hence the scan. The lumps appear to be benign. Have to have another scan in a few weeks.

When she was so poorly I couldn’t get her to eat anything other than prawns, and hey presto when the X ray was looked at there they were. It didn’t look very nice. Getting her to drink was impossible so I syringed it into her mouth.

It was good to be out and about again. When I returned from my coffee morning at The Beacon Cafe, propped outside my door was a bunch of flowers. I have no idea who left them but thank you so much.

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