Mothers day

What an amazing day in many ways. Wonderful weather even sat in the garden soaking up the sun and I was warm. That’s quite an achievement because I usually feel cold.

Met up with old friends and usual discussions ranged from sailing, walking, cooking and missing friends. One of our dog walkers has recently lost her husband. It is really difficult to try and understand how she is feeling and what to say and do for her.

I know she reads this blog so guess she’ll know I’m thinking of her.

Out to lunch with the family and given bunches of daffodils. So lovely.

My lovely Mary my neighbour went to church in the morning and everyone who attended were given a small bouquet of spring flowers.She gave me a bunch. They mean so much to me more than a huge bouquet because they were given from the heart.

The mystery of the bunch of flowers left outside my door has been solved.They were given to me by the Cinnamon Trust charity dog walkers who regularly walk Lou. How kind.

Lou is progressing well.

Just been watching television with Maureen Lipman as the presenter offering insights into things to do when you are elderly. It us recognised that we need to interact,from playing bingo to walking the dog even to Man’s shed’s. Do you think a Woman’s shed would work. Let me know.

I hope you had a lovely,peaceful day.

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