This week

I have always tried to make this blog interesting and varied and I thought to myself nothing interesting to say. But I was wrong.

The week has been good and varied.

I was asked by Gransnet to write a piece for them, and with the help of my friend Julie we were able to write a story for them. It is an amazing piece and I am thrilled. Thank you to all who made it happen.

My usual inspiration comes from talking mostly to dog walkers. I was talking (as usual) good job the dogs know where they are going, to a fellow walker who was telling me of her phobia of opening her post. I know we don’t like the bad letters, but have never heard of this particular phobia. Have you?

She was telling me she was saving hard so she could buy her husband a special watch for their 25th wedding anniversary, because “he is so wonderful to me, and so deserving”.

Yesterday I attended Older people’s Network where there were speakers offering their help from Wessex Cancer Trust to Southern Electric. Of course there were other speakers too.

I fancied the Wessex Cancer Trust and I intend to visit next week. I quite fancy the yoga, meditation and breathing techniques.

20170330_161307Glenda along with her new puppy Lottie (see picture) called in the afternoon. Lou was terrified. The puppy unfortunately had a wee in Lou’s new bed, and now she won’t use it.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

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