My weekend

Saturday morning was quiet. Afternoon was also quiet at the Hospice Shop, but the weather wasn’t conducive to being out. One minute raining the next dry. We were still productive though. I sorted out all the summer scarves of which there were many. All sizes but all nice. My colleagues were sorting out the jewellery, which if you remember was usually my job, but I didn’t mind.

Quiet evening as I didn’t have to cook a meal for my family. Usually prepare a meal on a Saturday night, but it was nice not having to think what to cook.

Sunday what a day. Lovely short walks with lou and then sat in the garden eating my lunch.

I am reminded constantly that Easter is just around the corner. Who will be making a simnel cake?.I have made one but don’t think I will this year.

Back in the olden days, even I can’t remember these times, those who were in service were given an odd day off when they got to go home. The girls picked flowers to give to parents or they were used in decorating a cake.

The humble primrose means hope.
Violets love and faithfulness.
Daffodil regard.
Blue hyacinth constancy of love.
Yellow tulip sunshine in your smile.

What lovely sentiments.

Lou went to the vet yesterday about her mammary lump. They took some cells and sent the slide off to the laboratory. She was such a good girl. We will have the results later.

Off to Beacon cafe for coffee and cake.Yummy

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