Gransnet continued…

You may recall that I wrote an article on Gransnet a couple of weeks ago about loneliness, (you can read it here: Why are we invisible?). Well, I thought I would share with you a lovely response the article received – see below.

I am now trying to find out whether I can get in touch with this lady – this is exactly the type of person I want to reach out to, and will happily be a pen pal (do they still call it that?) or a friendly voice on the phone.

Please do get in touch with me – there’s a little contact form on the ‘Get in Touch’ tab above. Or if you just want to chat on a less personal basis, just leave a comment on one of my posts here.

“If I actually knew how to start a thread Wendy, I was going to write one entitled ‘what to do with the rest of my life’. I am a fit & healthy 68 (at least at present)

I thought I would grow old disgracefully with my wonderful husband whom I married in 2007. I had been married twice previously and thought ‘3rd time lucky’ as we were so very well suited. I retired a bit early (from a much loved career) in 2008 and was glad in retrospect that I did so as he died in 2013. In the course of helping to look after and nurse him (he had his palliative care at home) I became more and more cut off from friends.

Last year I moved back to the city I lived in before marrying my late husband. I am now closer to my sons and past colleagues. I am however reluctant to join in with others having been more or less a recluse for 3 years. I know this is my own fault and a good friend tells me I must attend clubs or join groups. I’m just not ready to. I don’t like large groups and hate cliques.

I know that many people are lonely and I confess to being so at times in spite of my family and grandchildren. I feel I can’t crowd them too much nor rely entirely on them for my happiness. I can’t seem to make any future decisions, having downsized and moved last September.

Strangely enough I had to put my Red Setter Liam to sleep this time last year. I still miss him terribly but can’t even figure out whether to get another dog, pathetic really.

A book which might interest you is ‘The Invisible Woman’ by Helen Walmsley -Johnson. I hope you enjoy reading it.

I admire you starting your group. Well done and very good luck.”

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