Jumble sale

I promised myself I would go to a jumble sale on Saturday. I love rummaging around, although I didn’t like the aroma that often went with the clothes. No smell here though.

We queued up with our twenty pences clutched in our hands. There were all of five of us waiting, and then we were off. The outcome was surprising. I bought a cashmere cardigan and a couple of jumpers for the princely sum of seventy pence. My bargain however were hankies for one penny each. I use hankies for cleaning my specs. I had to buy one especially as it had the letter “D” embroidered in the corner. That was my mum’s initial. I know I’m a bit of a romantic.

Then off to the charity shop.

cakesSunday was another scrumptious day. Had a barbecue, and then for my birthday cake out came a cake stand with macaroons, and choux pastries made by my daughter. Didn’t they look great!

Monday came all to soon as Lou had to have her lump removed. Felt so guilty that she couldn’t eat any breakfast, but realised the lump was better removed. She came home yesterday afternoon. Quite well considering I’m glad to say.

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