Yoga at The Wessex Cancer Trust

I attended my yoga class at the Wessex last Wednesday. As usual I was greeted by the befrienders. It was quiet at the Centre. I guess because a lot of people were off on their Easter break.

My instructor was Elliott who works at The Sanctuary in Southampton. He asked what I would like to gain from doing Yoga. I said being fitter, and learning meditation and breathing techniques.
I did yoga many years ago in Sussex almost thirty odd years ago. This time I was sat in a chair as getting up and down from floor to standing is not easy. He did say he would be able to help me up, but there was this slim fit young man in front of me, and I couldn’t put him through that. Excruciating. I did think that I would be in a small class but it was just me. He explained that it would be difficult to have more than one in his class because of different abilities. I enjoyed the class.

Next day I was and still am stiff. My legs do not want to work as they should. To explain I did take part in gentle exercise, but my body obviously thinks it wasn’t gentle at all.

I will go back again for another session.

Finished with a cup of tea and if you so wished a hot cross bun.


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