The long weekend

What did you do over the weekend? I know I hate these long lonely times, but in fact it wasn’t so bad. On Good Friday off to Bambridge for a nose. Very busy and lovely to see all the colourful plants ready to be planted in their respective new homes. I hope people were aware that some of the tender plants could die if left out in the garden without protection. Hasn’t it been cold?

I did notice that a lot of people at the garden centre had their elderly parents with them, as it was in my case. It seems to be an enjoyable way to get us oldies out. You know I could never imagine getting old but we all do.

Saturday was a clean up day and the charity shop of course. I did take Lou for her check up at the vets. The locum was so gorgeous but unfortunately only about 30 years old. His wife had just had a baby boy. Seems a lovely young man.

Sunday was roast lamb with trimmings and we watched Eddie Redmaynes Harry Potters film. An enjoyable afternoons entertainment.

Monday was also a lovely day because I went for a walk through the woods with all the bluebells in bloom. What a lovely sight. When I moved to the I.O.W I often felt very homesick and used to walk with the kids and dogs down a lane where I could see the coast on the other side but with the added bonus of walking through a wood full of bluebells

Walking with lou this morning the only thing on my mind was how cold it was. Absolutely blooming freezing.

I hope you too enjoyed your Easter break. I’m sure those of you who still work for a living realise that the time has gone all too quickly, and today brings back the reality, in some cases of having to return to work.

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