Monday according to Lou…

My morning began like any other morning. Mum got up, got my breakfast and the cat’s and started getting her breakfast together. After eating all of mine I needed to go and have a ‘wee’ so off we went, mum in her dressing gown hiding behind the bushes and trees so as not to frighten anyone walking past, (it’s surprising how many are out walking at 6 a.m.) or indeed car drivers! Back inside for a quiet breakfast and mum had a quick read, and then off for my walkies.

The day was as usual until 1 o’clock when mum said “look who’s here!” I was so excited and rushed to the door only to discover a friend but with a ‘thing’ on the end of a lead that turned out to be the tiresome puppy called Lottie.

Rather than go into my home I walked off down the hall, didn’t want anything to do with the young upstart. Finally they got us all inside. I sat on the sofa and growled whenever Lottie came near. I was exhausted when she left, and she had a wee! Whatever next.

To be fair puppy was very good but don’t think I’ll see her again any time soon.


Lottie the puppy

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