Body odour

My friend and I were putting the world to rights, and I don’t know how we did it but got talking about Armpit Shields. It is quite surprising how the conversation changes from one thing to another in the blink of an eye. However back to armpit shields. I well remember my mum wearing something like a pad under each arm, but don’t remember how they stayed in place. I’m going back to the 1940’s here.She was so worried about looking damp and smelling. In fact I don’t remember anyone talking about body odour in those days. Don’t remember what was available to buy, but I’m pretty sure someone out there can tell me. However my friend suffers from this problem and she couldn’t believe you could buy armpit shields. Immediately went onto Amazon and they amongst others sell them. I’m not sure if she has actually bought any yet.

Went to the charity shop. Such a lovely time. Meeting old and new friends having a laugh and regrettably some tears. We won’t go into that. One of our regulars said we were like the Loose Women with our stories and loved coming in. What a nice comment.

I bought a beautiful glass vase, at least I thought it was, but in it’s past it had been a lamp. I’m hoping that someone can return it to its original use. It’s so heavy. If nothing else I can use it to defend myself, supposing I can lift it up.

I attended the Wessex Cancer Trust on Wednesday for my yoga fix. I’m hoping to write a blog for them.

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