A cat called Tommy

My daughter and husband adopted a cat from a rescue society whose name is Tommy. He has been in residence for a year now and you could say he rules the roost. He is a large black cat and getting larger as the months pass. Pampered cat. Lou is terrified of the big bully. She slinks in and tries to hide herself but that isn’t easy being a red setter. I enjoy going to see them all but it does detract from the enjoyment when you have to protect a big dog. Nothing much happens just a ferocious hiss and a sharp claw. I keep telling Lou to stand up for herself but nothing doing.

However the point of my blog is to tell you about the cat and the tree that has vanished seemingly into thin air. Such was a tree in my daughter’s garden. It was large and blocked out the light and had no preservation notice on it, so it was decided that it needed to come out. This was achieved with the help of the next door neighbour. You might ask what’s that to do with the cat. Well his favourite game was rushing out of the patio doors flying to the tree so that he could practice climbing. This was not particularly successful as he is fat, so after achieving a foot or so he plunged back to earth, but no-one told him the tree had gone. Out into the garden he flew ready to jump up the tree when it slowly dawned on him it wasn’t there. He was very perplexed and still believes that it’s going to re-appear at some stage. Stupid or what, although I know a lot of cat owners believe that just isn’t true.

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