Unexpected exposure

A friend rang early this morning to tell me that Radio Solent was conducting a phone-in regarding loneliness. This is something I feel passionate about, contacting others like myself who experience times of loneliness in all ages.

I phoned in and they agreed they would let me have my say on air. I was very anxious. Why I don’t know. It’s much easier to have face to face contact I feel.

As a result of the exposure my site has benefitted greatly and a lady has been on touch. That’s amazing just would like loads more.

My neighbour knocked on the door to ask if I would like a cup of tea as I was now a sort of celebrity. She had recognised my voice. This lady who happens to be an enchanting 90 year old is preparing to go to a posh wedding. She was going to wear a fantasy. I was a little lost and then realised she meant fascinator.

Next topic was doing the washing, when she disclosed that she never put her knickers on an airer outside her flat, because she hated the thought that her friends would know which colour she liked and the make. The mind boggles. This is obviously not age related because my granddaughter will not put her smalls on the line in her garden either.

Again thank you to Radio Solent amongst others.

The Beacon Cafe was challenging for some of us yesterday. We were doing origami namely butterflies. Mine look a little like a butterfly should look like but perserverance is needed big time. The time swiftly passed, and our group have never been so quiet. We were concentrating so hard.

It seems I’m getting a little better at yoga, according to Elliott today. Room for improvement though,in fact lots of improvement is needed.

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2 Responses to Unexpected exposure

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi glad it all went well. If I had known would have listened in. The publicity will be good. Xxx


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