Feeling blue

You may well ask why, and, in all honesty, I don’t know. The sun is shining, everyone seems to be smiley and I’m not. Do you think it could be that I wake up so early in the morning and I’m feeling tired, or is my life not going ahead as I want it to? I’ve been trying to order some bits from the Internet without success. Some sites are definitely trying my patience.

I have also been trying to contact someone, who apparently is not in post anymore just vanished, and I’m left feeling abondoned as I can’t get anyone to talk to me. Frustrating.

I did however have a pleasant coffee with a friend at Bay Leaves yesterday. We had a catch up on all that’s gone on. We had a laugh.

Returned home, and I took my neighbour to Bambridge because she wanted to look at some shoes. She bought a very nice pair of slip ons. The assistant was so helpful. Found a chair and the right size of shoe and we were away. It is quite a challenge to find a chair to sit on these days. Where have they all gone?

I bought some bird food for the birds that come into the garden, and a bag of compost. Easy, and a kind man put everything in my car for me, and there the compost resides until there is someone who can lift it out for me.

I’m sitting having a rest before that puppy arrives and I am on tenterhooks to see what she is going to get up to today. Dog and cat food lifted from the floor, along with toys that she might eat. Haven’t told Lou the good news that Lottie is coming!

I think a nice walk in Hocombe woods is on the cards. Not too far for a puppy to walk, and not too far for an older person with mobility issues to stroll either.

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2 Responses to Feeling blue

  1. Eileen says:

    Sorry you’re feeling blue, hope after your walk with the puppy you’re feeling better. I have been laying down most of the day looking at the trees. Did sit outside for a while but it was too hot and had to come back in. Still not very mobile, certainly no stairs and no slopes which definitely very restrictive. Physio again tomorrow. Fortunately very gentle at the moment,
    Have had a bumble bee flying around the room for the last hour, David opened the window and I think it’s gone but getting chilly with the window open and I can’t shut it so hope he hurrys up.
    Just noticed there are no leaves on the mulberry tree yet, I hope it’s ok.


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